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  1. My gorgeous Comets

    Like all types of goldfish according the size of the body the comets are also deviated in bonsai, medium and jumbo size. I think mine will be medium size and probably after couple of years they could reach not more than 4-5 inches, only the body. At the moment they are around 3-3,5 inches without the tail, and I assume 1 year old.
  2. That’s alright Here the same one
  3. My Monster Flowerhorn

    Thanks Koko! It is challenging to clean the tank glasses from inside, he is quite aggressive, bite me couple of times and I am telling you his teeth are very sharp. Usualy I feed him with big variety of pellets for cichlids.
  4. That’s him, the bad boy, almost 13 inches, 2 years old. That’s his real colour.
  5. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Thanks Koko! Yes, the sand is always white because of couple of reasons- the light is soft because of the plants on the surface and that doesn’t let boom of algae, plus my corydoras catfish, shrimps and snails are perfect bottom cleaners. The filtration is Juwel internal (the black one on the right) including different types of sponges and ceramics for beneficial bacteria. Oh, almost forgot, I do the fertilisation bit lower dose than suppose to be- food for plants and not for algae
  6. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Here is the vision of whole low tech planted nano tank with the pearl ramshorn snails and the other inhabitants.
  7. My gorgeous Comets

    Hi again! So today I add couple of more plastic Cabomba plant. The idea is the aquarium to imitate a bottom of lake. By the way recently noticed that the comet’s tails are growing indeed, it’s visible. Really hope in couple years if everything is going well they to have impressive shape. Here couple of pictures.
  8. Hi there! I have total 3 fish tanks- 1 goldfish tank , 1 flowerhorn tank and 1 low tech planted tank. So in my low tech planned tank together with corydoras catfish, lampeye killi fish and cherry shrimps I have some ramshorn snails, gorgeous creatures and great cleaners. I year ago I bought only 3 of them from England and at the moment they are probably more than 30-40. The seller mentioned that this type of ramshorn are very rear breed. Just curious are they rear indeed? Couple of them
  9. My gorgeous Comets

    Just fresh update. Still considering to add couple of bigger rocks and smaller size artificial cabomba plant.
  10. My gorgeous Comets

    Thanks Sharon, I will consider this. I already ordered soft artificial plants, cobomba plant imitation.
  11. My gorgeous Comets

    Thanks for your advice, I will pay attention of this to avoid potential problems.
  12. My gorgeous Comets

    Hi to everyone! Maybe some of you remember me, but for these ones who don’t know me just a brief introducing- my name is Adnan, regionally from Bulgaria but living in Northern Ireland. Well, my intention is in time I would like to share my goldfish adventure with all of you who like these beautiful creatures named goldfish I personally like and interested of all types of goldfish but my favourite top breeds are torpedo shape ones, like shubunkins, comets, wakins, jikins..... especially the long fancy tail ones. Since 3 weeks I have 5 golden-red comets, at the moment their size is 2,5-3 inches long without the tails. All in my 75 gallon tank. I bought them from England, probably local breed. I assume that they are approximately 1 year old, still teenagers, 3 girls and 2 boys. So far I didn’t notice something wrong with their condition, very healthy and active fish, excellent coloured. Regarding the tank interior I’m still thinking about it. The current interior is temporary. Probably the new one will be with artificial plants imitation of Cabomba plant, plus drift woods and small rocks. Simple, stylish design but the most importantly comfortable for its inhabitants. Hopefully in time their tails will be growing as long as their bodies. Couple of pictures of the current situation.
  13. Hi everybody! Soon I will set a 75 gallon goldfish tank with long tail comets. 

    1. DawnMichele


      Welcome back!!! Looking forward to seeing your tank!!

    2. adnan


      Just back from my holiday :)

      Soon expect pictures of my comet tank.