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  1. My Monster Flowerhorn

    Pictures from today.
  2. My gorgeous Comets

    No change, happy fish
  3. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Yes, the nano tank is with a lid.
  4. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Thanks! The plant on the top is the small variation of Pistia plant, bonsai Pistia lol. Very tough plant, perfect biological filter, the roots are great for the inhabitants, growing really fast and doesn’t like flow. Excellent plant for low tech nano planted tank. Look at my ramshorn pearl snails, today I organise BBQ party for them lol.
  5. Open Chat :)

    Guppies are fantastic fish! What type of guppies do you have?
  6. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Feeding time. Hikari wafers and spirulina flakes.
  7. Open Chat :)

    Hi Daniel! It past long time since I haven’t seen your goldfish. Last time you had gorgeous red-white fantails.
  8. My Monster Flowerhorn

    Definitely the tank is already smaller for him but one thing is for sure, so far he doesn’t show any signs of boredom. He is so active and getting more aggressive. Koko is right, one day he will get me lol! Today he almost rip a piece of my hand when I was vacuuming the button. Getting smarter, now he doesn’t attack the vacuuming pipe, he is aiming my hand lol! A year ago look what he did to some of the aquarium equipment lol! That was couple of years ago He has a cut of his upper lip
  9. My gorgeous Comets

    Hi everyone! I like the small statue a lot and it fits perfect among the rocks just the question is how to make the hollow statue harmless for the aquarium inhabitants. I have couple of ideas- first one is to isolate the hollow using plastic cover and silicone, the second idea is to drill on the statue couple of small holes in order to provide a water flow in the hollow, so to avoid the danger anaerobic environment. I personally prefer the second way. So I am going to try that A picture from today immediately after water change.
  10. My Monster Flowerhorn

    Quick update
  11. My gorgeous Comets

    Yes, it’s hollow statue and the hole is in the bottom. Is there any potential hazard? Probably the anaerobic environment in the hole creates hazardous gases.
  12. My gorgeous Comets

    Sorry, it’s again Instagram clip, but that’s faster way to post the video clip. So if you notice I put back my old Buddha statue
  13. Ramshorn pearl snails

    I am not a big fan of Facebook and instagram but that was the fastest way to upload a quick clip of my low tech planted nano tank.
  14. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Ok, soon