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  1. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    That’s happened if you drink too much in Irish pub
  2. My gorgeous Comets

    Thanks Netta! The sand supposed to be white, but my “white” colour LED light colour it into blue lol
  3. My gorgeous Comets

    Hi everyone! That’ the current situation so far- 75 gallon goldfish tank, 3 male comets My female comet goldfish is in new home already. Couple of pictures: let me introduce my fish. All of them have unique personalities lol The first one is Magnum, I could say that he is just a perfect model for classical comet goldfish fish, perfect body and fins. He was golden-orange but because colour enhancing food he turned into red. This is Ferrari, a red comet male goldfish, torpedo type of body, long fins, most active one, the leader of the team lol That is funny picture, looks like he is vomiting lol The next one is Blue Steel. The interesting thing about him is that I was thinking that he is a gorgeous female and I was wondering why he always follow the female one, the enigma was solved when since a month it appeared his breeding stars lol And a brief Instagram clip of the current situation
  4. Big Boy Update 2018

    Fabulous Oscar! Compare to the other fish Oscars are relatively one of the most intelligent fish. They simply love interacting with people;) I like them a lot!
  5. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Thanks for remaining me that Acro, appreciate! By the way if you’re wandering why PH is relatively high, it because of adding snail and shrimp shall supplement, which makes water rich to calcium and that affect PH, increasing its level. That parameters are great for Srimps, snails and African lamp eyes kili fish but definitely not good for my corydoras catfish.
  6. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Ok, just tested PH and Nitrate level parameters. Well, let me first clarify some important points that could reflect on the water parameters- the tank water was changed 4-5 days ago around 50% as usual, of course I used prime water conditioner and in the next day added regular plant fertiliser and hytiene shells supplement. So these are the results: Nitrate level almost 0 PH level I could say between 7.8-8
  7. My gorgeous Comets

    Just was thinking what combination to do. My tank is 75 gallons and I have 3 males and 1 female. If the ratio 2 female to 1male is optimum combination that means that I have to find another 5 female Comets. Well that obviously will make my tank overstock. On the other hand if I take out my female comet (to give to someone who will take care of her) it will left only the boys. So I think 3 males comets isn’t too bad combination for 75 gallon tank, is it?
  8. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Thanks for your comments guys! The Irish water (the region between Belfast and Dublin) is right in the middle , not very soft or very hard, not very acidic or alcanine. To be honest I am checking the parameters of the water ones in a blue moon but a friend of mine is so strict of this point that he keeps me informed about all details of the water parameters. The funny thing is that both of us have planted tanks and he used far more chemicals than me and as a result he has black beard algae and I don’t About snails shells and shrimps hytiene shell once of week I use a special supplement designed for them. It is relatively cheep product ( about 3£) and I buy it online. Far better than to use coral pieces. At the moment I have only PH and Nitrate tests and tomorrow I will give you exact info about the water parameters of my Low Tech Planted tank.
  9. Ramshorn pearl snails

    In time more mature they become, their colour get more white-pearl.
  10. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Hi Acro! Thanks for your nice words! You are right about the coloration of the snails. Some of them are white-pearl, the others pinky-pearl. Plus some interesting thing happened, it appeared some blue and red-brown coloured ramshorns, but they are only few.
  11. My gorgeous Comets

    Hi everyone! Couple of interesting things happen in my goldfish aquarium. First one is that my goldfish started mating, which is good sign that everything (the environment) in my aqua is ok. Well the next thing is they where mating for couple of days nonstop, and in really harsh way compared to other fancy goldfish. The all process was so rough that red gold colour of the female comet (her name is Red Fire) turns into yellow-white. When the situation calms down in her sides appears sign of white cotton. Well, after water change and adding only Prime treatment in couple of days she back to normal....... but she lost her shiny red colour.......hope in time that coloration will be back on. And there is another thing- my blue Shubunkin (Blue Steel) is not as I thought a gorgeous female, he is very rough male lol. So in my goldfish tank there are 1 female and 3 males. Soon have to find another female to have some balance in the goldfish aqua.
  12. My gorgeous Comets

    I have heard the term bonsai from Japanese koi fish keepers and of course I associate that with goldfish
  13. My gorgeous Comets

    Hi Sharon! Thanks for responding! Yes, 5,5 inches including tail. I feed them regularly 3-7 times per day using quality goldfish food and of course being carful to avoid over feeding, plus 1 day without feeling. Why I think they will be bonsai Comets, simply because I don’t expect they to grow up to 8-9 inches including the tail.
  14. My gorgeous Comets

    I have my Comets almost for 4 months and don’t grow as I expected. Obviously I will have bonsai type Comets. They are approximately 5,5 inches.
  15. My Monster Flowerhorn

    Pictures from today.