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  1. adnan

    My gorgeous Comets

    Hi Koko! I would like to challenge the picture of my avatar. The reason- Bristol’s Shubunkin are my favourite breed 👍 Here is the picture Thanks in advance Koko! Warmest regards from Northern Ireland
  2. adnan

    My Golden Adventure

    Lovely goldfish and excellent pictures 👍
  3. adnan

    Ramshorn pearl snails

    A Quick update of my ramshorn pearl sanails tank. There are some challenges. As you see the cherry shrimps are concurred the tank lol 😂
  4. adnan

    Mud pond experiment

    Lovely calicos, especially the fancy ones! By the way your voice is lovely, sounds like a narrator of documentary movie 👍
  5. adnan

    My Golden Adventure

    I see that you, FishyMandy and Mjfromga, like a lot ranchu and oranda breeds. Just let me share my favourite type of fancy goldfish- what do you think about sakura oranda calico? You know that I like single tails but since long time sakuara oranda took my attention 😍 FishyMandy, all of your goldfish are beautiful and it’s obviously that you dedicate a lot of time and love to them.
  6. adnan

    My gorgeous Comets

    Thanks Mjfromga and FishyMandy! It’s very nice to get compliments from dedicated goldfish hobbyists! By the way my favourite comet is Magnum. Of course it doesn’t sounds like a newsbeat lol 😂 but I see him like a perfect example for classical comet goldfish- pure golden-red colour, symmetrical long fins, beautiful attraction of movements and an example for simplicity. I believe he is under 2 years old and in time he will be really impressive once.
  7. adnan

    My gorgeous Comets

    Hi guys! Hope everyone is keeping great and your aquariums are progressing like a Renaissance blooming 👍 That is my last upgrade for this year. No challenge as you see 😂😜 Just let me share with you that since couple of months I am looking for Bristol’s Shubunkin. It’s hard to find this particular breed in Ireland. One breeder from England mentioned that hopefully this summer Bristol’s Shubunkin will be available........ hopefully 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 The pictures of my fancy boys 😜
  8. adnan

    My gorgeous Comets

    Lol, above I’ve written no challenge instead no change
  9. adnan

    My gorgeous Comets

    Quick update No challenge.
  10. adnan

    My Monster Flowerhorn

    Trying to upload a picture again
  11. adnan

    My Monster Flowerhorn

    Hmm, photobucket doesn’t work
  12. adnan

    My Monster Flowerhorn

    Quick update of my nasty boy
  13. adnan

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    That’s happened if you drink too much in Irish pub
  14. adnan

    My gorgeous Comets

    Thanks Netta! The sand supposed to be white, but my “white” colour LED light colour it into blue lol
  15. adnan

    My gorgeous Comets

    Hi everyone! That’ the current situation so far- 75 gallon goldfish tank, 3 male comets My female comet goldfish is in new home already. Couple of pictures: let me introduce my fish. All of them have unique personalities lol The first one is Magnum, I could say that he is just a perfect model for classical comet goldfish fish, perfect body and fins. He was golden-orange but because colour enhancing food he turned into red. This is Ferrari, a red comet male goldfish, torpedo type of body, long fins, most active one, the leader of the team lol That is funny picture, looks like he is vomiting lol The next one is Blue Steel. The interesting thing about him is that I was thinking that he is a gorgeous female and I was wondering why he always follow the female one, the enigma was solved when since a month it appeared his breeding stars lol And a brief Instagram clip of the current situation