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  1. I use simple 3 foods single lined LED light. I bought it from EBay.
  2. Thanks Koko! He himself find the name of his pet, he is very creative (like me ) I think it is great to educate our children to respect and love the animals and mother nature.
  3. That is my son's goldfish, male ryukin, name Gucci. Temporary in my tank My son is 6 and he has to learn a lot about proper care of goldfish. So everything is under control
  4. Sorry for your lost! RIP Rhett
  5. Sorry for your lost! RIP Rhett
  6. Hello beautiful people! Just a quick review of the current situation- my Comets are keeping good, doesn’t grow any more but one thing is for sure, they are getting more beautiful That’s a quick clip in Instagram I’m still waiting for my future Bristol’s Shubunkins.....as it’s said Patients is a virtue
  7. Hi everyone In my place all fish tanks are okay and I assume the fish are happy enough Just a brief clip, and as you see not changes. Actually, the red spots of my Shubunkin goldfish, Blue Steel, disappeared, so now he is mainly blue, silver, white, plus black spots. https://instagram.com/p/Bu_sWDiHqjI/ This summer I am playing to buy some quality Bristol’s Shubunkins, hopefully
  8. Hi Koko! I would like to challenge the picture of my avatar. The reason- Bristol’s Shubunkin are my favourite breed 👍 Here is the picture Thanks in advance Koko! Warmest regards from Northern Ireland
  9. Lovely goldfish and excellent pictures 👍
  10. Lovely calicos, especially the fancy ones! By the way your voice is lovely, sounds like a narrator of documentary movie 👍
  11. I see that you, FishyMandy and Mjfromga, like a lot ranchu and oranda breeds. Just let me share my favourite type of fancy goldfish- what do you think about sakura oranda calico? You know that I like single tails but since long time sakuara oranda took my attention 😍 FishyMandy, all of your goldfish are beautiful and it’s obviously that you dedicate a lot of time and love to them.
  12. Thanks Mjfromga and FishyMandy! It’s very nice to get compliments from dedicated goldfish hobbyists! By the way my favourite comet is Magnum. Of course it doesn’t sounds like a newsbeat lol 😂 but I see him like a perfect example for classical comet goldfish- pure golden-red colour, symmetrical long fins, beautiful attraction of movements and an example for simplicity. I believe he is under 2 years old and in time he will be really impressive once.
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