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  1. Before: Feb 2013 Now: Please excuse the current green water, it's not intentional :/
  2. Sorry you have to give your fish away I remember you got your orandas around the same time that I got mine. Hope all works out for you, they are gorgeous fish
  3. Cute!! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, they are all amazing. Your pond looks fantastic
  4. I have wondered the same, and have not put them in my tank for this reason. I know that whole plant itself is toxic to birds (I have a budgie) if eaten.
  5. looks great well done! Your goldies have grown alot too
  6. Nice! I love your tanks
  7. From what I've read there is the possibility of the shrimpies being eaten..
  8. how sweet! I love the second last pic
  9. Thank you Sand is in!! All good so far!
  10. Thank you! Haha I don't know what is happening there... Thanks, I have some crushed coral I could mix in with it perhaps. I have super low kh and gh and go through buffer like no tomorrow, wouldn't mind something more long lasting. Thanks for the reply! I have the same problem with soft water. I have to use a decent ammount of buffer, wouldn't mind something a bit more long lasting. I hope the goldies like it. Did you have to move you're intake tube away from the bottom of the tank to stop sanding getting sucked up? Also Newton is so cute I love red and white goldfish!! Thanks! Will do Yeah I'm a bit anxious about adding it and wrecking my filter. Hopefully it's not to hard to remove if I get sick of it. To add a sponge filter, is that pretty much wrapping some sponge around the intake tube? With fishing wire? Thanks! I don't have a water changer I use buckets and make a huge mess every week, so I'm sure i'll have the same problem... I think sand looks so good though I'm sure it's worth it Thank you! Did you just mix the two together? Have you noticed much difference to your ph?
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