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  1. It will come back eventully feed it stay close it won't be scared then it will follow you (in the tank/pond of course) you will be friends again
  2. Tell me why your fish is cute! Mines is there eyes they make the fish so cute! _________________________________ (DNAlex note: twenty-five minutes later, the OP added the following) Im replying myself LOL And again
  3. its true im not a teenager i just said that i just have good spelling. Every time i post a topic im ganged up by modarators and making it like i swered. no users post just modarators post on my fourms AND KOKO visiting my PAGE Koko stop this plz or il try to draw members away from you :no:youn dont want that to happen
  4. he is a commet called primo lol thts my user name 2 he is alive now 2 with his bro wich is 1 day younger he is 7 yrs old and he is 10 times bigger than a great white wale lol his birthday is 10th of october
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