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  1. Fishy decoupage :)

    I think if you really wanted to keep it you'd have to seal it. You could be careful though!! Part of what I like about it is that it is removed easily I think it's what makes it so zen for me when I'm such a perfectionist xD I've added more, I'll post soon! Amanda, that is AWESOME! I never thought of magazines and photos and stuff. Oh boy...now I'm thinking... xD
  2. Fishy decoupage :)

    Thanks!! Decoupage in general is a great way to stress craft because you really can't screw it up xD worst case scenario, you can wet a washcloth and clean off your surface completely with water. Materials are simple: tissue paper, kid's school glue (like Elmer's; I use off-brand) and water! You just cut/rip your tissue paper shapes and use a sponge or paintbrush along with a glue/water mixture to "paint" your tissue onto your project. Lots of surfaces work I use transparency paper to play with when I'm just messing around; and they make lovely suncatchers!!! This tank I am of course pasting from the back, so it's fun to layer up the tissue. I'm working on depth for the plants tonight. I think once this is done, if it turns out, I'm going to try a larger tank. My husband doesn't know yet that my best friend and I are going to take a day soon and decoupage our front kitchen window to look like stained glass
  3. Fishy decoupage :)

    Work has been so stressful lately that I've resorted to my deepest coping skill: craft marathons!! xD I am doing a decoupage scene on the back of a spare 5gal tank. It's not finished but I thought I'd share so far!
  4. Please Help!

    I have totally lost sleep over a fish before xD I hope Swimmy gets better real soon!
  5. Buying plants and shrimp!

    Thanks a bunch! I will check them out Shipping just seems so expensive everywhere I look! But I guess that's the name of the game when it comes to live things.
  6. Thought I'd reach out here just in case I'm looking for freshwater low-light plants of all kinds except moss balls and for ghost shrimp! I'm in Michigan but don't mind having them shipped in.
  7. It's true! I dropped my Merlin once xD and I've had him for years still!
  8. Betty - slight pineconing

    What a unique fish! I can't help, but Betty sure is lovely. Fins crossed for quick healing! Those boys...
  9. Looking for Ranchu Breeders

    http://randysnursery.com/ http://www.atlantawatergardens.com/ These places might be able to help you! Though I agree, I think East Coast Ranchu is the best in terms of price + shipping ease + quality of fish. You might also look into other pet stores around your area My pet store is always willing to help me out with finding a particular critter.
  10. my sweet little ranchu has internal tumors. still seems happy as a clam, though! making what are likely his last days very comfortable :)

    1. Mernany


      :( sad to hear. *hugs* for the little guy!
  11. New Driftwood Question

    Be patient- it'll be worth it! I soaked one piece of driftwood I have for 2 weeks and it was still giving the water a tinge, but I put it in my tank anyway. Now I change out my water once a week (I'd do much less if not for the tannins) and it still looks like iced tea by water change day, 5 months later!
  12. Are aquarium lights important?

    Yeah, I don't think I agree with the article either just based on my fish The only way I could really have them do 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark is to keep them in a windowless room. Here, it is summer, so 12 hours of darkness just doesn't happen. We also use the room they are in, so the ambient light is around even after sunset. That being said, I only have lights on my tanks that have fancy plants. Plants are the only reason I ever keep specific lighting on an aquarium And my goldies only have crypts which are super easy to grow in low light, so the lights on my goldfish tank are just standing room lamps!
  13. Lighting (Again!)

    An alternative: I simply removed the hoods on my tank (no cats, haha) and flanked it with reading style stand-up lamps. The "reading" fixture holds a fluorescent bulb and points down toward the tank and the ceiling fixture is just a regular soft room light It's nice, also, because you can transition the lighting for them by turning on the ceiling before the reading lamp and then turning off the reading lamp before the ceiling for bedtime.
  14. Goldfish Baiscs form a Goldfish Enthusiast

    My fat oranda used to do the same thing. They can jump, it just takes the momentum to do it. LOL momentum is right! He'd start at one corner of the 75 gallon and swim with all his might xD xD
  15. Goldfish Baiscs form a Goldfish Enthusiast

    ROFL my big fat ryukin learned to jump/splash. When he wanted food Haha, he'd plop out and back in the tank to splash anyone within three feet of the tank.