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  1. Although I've seen some beautiful fancies on here with beautiful colors, I do prefer the more natural fish shape of single tails. I started out with four Comets who had fry. Now I have nine in total. They are very personable. Eat from my hands. Allow me to pet their heads and love their graceful swimming and darting around the tank
  2. Goldsguy

    Aquarium Canopies & Oxygen Levels

    I do this with my glass lids. I use a vegetable clip and use the suction cup to the lid top and the plastic handle sits on lip of the frame. This way it stays attached to the glass and keeps about lid opened about an inch My tank used to run warm in summer but now it stays around 70 or only few degrees higher. But not higher than 73.
  3. Goldsguy

    Psychedelic Goldfish

    That would be cool on surfboard
  4. Goldsguy

    Psychedelic Goldfish

    Very nice
  5. Goldsguy

    Psychedelic Goldfish

    It's actually taken with the camera through the app in real time.
  6. Goldsguy

    Psychedelic Goldfish

    I actually like that idea.And with the owners permission ofcouse. I might just do that. I get a shirt Daniel
  7. Goldsguy

    Psychedelic Goldfish

    Thanks everyone That would be cool having one of my fish in a t-shirt
  8. Goldsguy

    Psychedelic Goldfish

    During water change today started to play around with a new color filter app
  9. Goldsguy

    The gang!

    Beautiful fish!!!
  10. Goldsguy

    Comet Goldfish in slow motion

    Thanks The white baby one is the only one with any defect. It was born without one of the gill plates. And that's the only one named so far. Named it Moto
  11. Goldsguy

    Comet Goldfish in slow motion

    I took a video of the "no longer fry" while I was doing a water change in their balcony ponhttps://vimeo.com/117128491
  12. Goldsguy

    Comet Goldfish in slow motion

    Thanks fantail. The largest of the fry is actually a few inches long total. I'll try to get a video of them when I'm doing a water change and easier to see
  13. Goldsguy

    Comet Goldfish in slow motion

    Here's a full tank shot https://vimeo.com/117062934
  14. Goldsguy

    Comet Goldfish in slow motion

    Here is the viidhttps://vimeo.com/117062844
  15. Goldsguy

    Comet Goldfish in slow motion

    Thanks all. Here are the young fish. Hard to capture them as they are bullets