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  1. Open Chat :)

    I'm really bad at estimating size but I'd say probably around 3 inches SL I'll probably keep her in QT for quite a while past the 4 weeks minimum I normally do, just until I'm satisfied she has put on enough weight. I was calling her Ninja to start with but that has since changed to Maggie
  2. Open Chat :)

    She seems able to eat so hopefully just a case of not been fed properly. Because yes I bought her home lol
  3. Open Chat :)

    She is skinny and needs beefing up, but she is beautiful. Fell in love with her on my lfs fb page
  4. Pic of the Week Entries #5

    Pelican Landing, took this on my trip to kangaroo Island last year
  5. New fish

    AW love him
  6. Felix needs a new home....

    Goodluck rehoming xx
  7. Buddy Kitty

    Aww she is beautiful
  8. Prototype Snow Globe

    Oh they are gorgeous
  9. Open Chat :)

    Aw i love that name!
  10. Open Chat :)

    Thanks x The cories are starting to actually look like cories now. Gotta give them a waterchange soon
  11. Buddy Kitty

    Yea, after I lost Cody I immediately knew I wanted another and it was only about 2 months later I got Shah. But I don't have that feeling this time. Although I'm still following adoption places on facebook and look at the pictures that come up I haven't had one that I feel drawn to like I did with Shah. I'll know when/if I'm ready to bring another one in. I lost Cody very suddenly as well but it wasn't as intense and traumatic as Junior
  12. Prototype Snow Globe

    Cool thanks
  13. Buddy Kitty

    Yea, it's not easy.
  14. Open Chat :)