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  1. I was so close!

    Thanks guys! Here is a photo of Poppy (or Soda as I've started calling him lol) in the shop, you can also see the other mirrorscale they had. I chose him because I liked the long fins
  2. According to the tracking my buddys parcel is waiting for collection from the post office, so hopefully they will have it soon
  3. I was so close!

    I almost made it a whole year without buying any new goldfish But I had a setback in my addiction I went on a day trip with two of my friends, while out we went to my favourite fish shop because we were nearby and I had to get some food and prime anyway. Rachael kept pointing at the different goldfish "ooh buy that one!" then Ray said "If you buy one I'll go halves with you" I had fallen in love with these guys last time I was there...six weeks ago. I couldn't decide between the two. So I got both. I blame the peer pressure Anyway the White/Red Tosakin is named Rae, because Ray bought her for me and I'm pretty sure she's a girl so I thought i'd be nice and change it to a E. The Mirrorscale Comet is named Sodapop according to Rachael....I'm calling him Pop or Poppy. Getting these two means I need to rethink my stocking plans again lol. So I'm thinking I will keep 11 of my fry. Then this will be what I end up with 150g Pond - 5 of the Fry (they dont have names yet lol), Angel, Luka, Hamster, Papi, Rae 450g Pond - Albie, Sherlock, Arty, Raven, Picasso, Splasher, Pascal, Funky, Citrus, Captain, Scotty, Rusty, Spike, Poppy and 6 of the Fry 160g Tank - Neptune, Pinkie, Topaz, Opal, Spice, Jupiter, Seaking, Kolo, Buddy 80g Tank - Jasmine, Goldeen, Roo, Rhett
  4. I did something naughty 

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    2. koko


      Are those dragon scales? WOW! 

    3. FishyMandy


      Mirror Scale Comet and a Tosakin :o
      My friend paid for the Tosakin for m so that's my excuse for bringing both of them home when I barely have room for one :rofl 

    4. koko


      I love the the Comet. WOW :) 

  5. New Fish!

    He's gorgeous!
  6. Hi and welcome to Kokos! You will find it helpful to read our goldfish care guidelines Youll find we reccomened 20 gallons per fish, if you cant get a bigger tank, plastic storage tubs are cheap and work great as well. Getting ammonia means that your tank isnt cycled, so it doesnt have the good bacteria needed to break down waste. Here is some information on the cycle
  7. New Fish!

    Yea They are two months old now When they go back out im gomma use their tub for the double taila
  8. New Fish!

    They are all inside for a few days while I rid their pond of dragonflies and dragonfly proof it. There were 31 left outside. A couple are really small and I think they hitched a ride as eggs when I moved some plants into their pond from the big pond.
  9. Dragonfly Nymph?

    Me too! The big fish take care of them in their pond, guess thats why I never seen them before I put the fry out! I caught as many fry as I could find yesterday and bought them in, i searched until back was screaming at me and I couldnt take it anymore, will look for more today after work amd drain pond
  10. Dragonfly Nymph?

    Thanks a bunch Sharon. Ill have to get a new tub to bring them in. Hopefully Ill still have some left by then! I enjoyed the read!
  11. Dragonfly Nymph?

    Pretty much confirmed it's a dragonfly nymph. I have so much algae in the pond I can't see through the water more than a few cm, and there is a lot of algae 'scum' on the bottom too. I'm thinking of draining the pond as much as I can, scooping out all the algae and getting the babies out at same time and also scooping out any nymph I find, stripping the pond right down pretty much and then refilling and putting some shade cloth over the pond to stop any more getting in? Unless someone has a better idea on how to deal with it, I'm all ears
  12. Dragonfly Nymph?

    Is this a dragonfly nymph? Sorry I know its not a great photo. They give me the shivers I find them in my fry pond a lot...and I'm worried they are eating my fry. They are about the same length as the fry, some bigger and definitely wider. Sometimes I find them dead but other times they are alive and I pull my net out the water to have them crawling up it which freaks me out. If they are dragonfly nymph any advice for getting rid of them?
  13. Baby Budgie

    Aw so cute! his feathers are so pretty
  14. Here's my thread with comet and shui babies