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  1. FishyMandy

    My Golden Adventure

    I'm glad all your mud babies are ok. I love bug shubies. I'd love to see Blue get nice and big too
  2. FishyMandy

    My Golden Adventure

    I am most likely going to euth them. I've had multiple cases of dropsy, thankfully nothing these guys have touched have touched anything that touches any of my other fish. I'm so super careful with keeping QT stuff separate now since having things creep from a QT to a main tank. It is a bummer though. One fish died before it got to me, I didn't get a good look at it but that looked pineconed too. She said she was giving them up because she needed more time to focus on her family but who knows. As far as I know all these fish were from the same source, a LFS that I have bought from multiple times without issue, I know for sure at least 3 of them were from there, but saying that I don't know what her maintenance was like, there were 6 (small) fish in a 50g tank, its quite tall compared to it's length (a corner tank) not great for fancies, they were in a bucket for about 24 hours before I got to pick them and the tank up, the one that died before I got there was dead in the bucket when I got there so no idea how long it had been dead in there for. So I feel like there is a lot that could be contributing to it. The only other time I've had multiple fish get dropsy at the same time was the three calico butterflies I bought...2 years ago? They all came from the same place (Not the place mentioned above), bought at the same time, two were dead a week later,competely pineconed, the third, pineconed very slightly but pulled through, she's never been completely 'right' though and if she ever started pineconing or anything again I wouldn't even try to treat. My friend, who bought fish from the same batch from that store, also lost half of them to dropsy. Small young fish. Overall I've had dropsy more times than I wish to think about, but has mostly been in older fish who had been with me for 7+ years. I hate dropsy, Id honestly rather find the fish dead with seemingly no explanation than see them with dropsy. ANYWAY enough ranting lol, Blue is beautiful! I love Blue Based Shubies and I love how he has that white head! I wouldn't have been able to resist him either
  3. FishyMandy

    My Golden Adventure

    Well others are now following suit...Cola (bronze oranda) is pineconed and Mirinda (orange chu) is very slightly pineconed too. Thinking there is something with all of these fish
  4. FishyMandy

    What did you do today?

    Nice deal on the dog food!
  5. FishyMandy

    My Golden Adventure

    Yea, fingers crossed, but I never let myself get too hopeful
  6. FishyMandy

    My Golden Adventure

    Well, Lucy, the orange and white ranchu, and my favourite of the newbies, is pineconing. Disappointed, but can't say I'm surprised somehow.
  7. FishyMandy

    What does this say?

    The Ammonia looks 0 to me
  8. FishyMandy

    AquaAurora's Goldfish MTS Chronicles

    Your tank and fish are stunning!!!
  9. FishyMandy


    I'm so sorry for your loss
  10. FishyMandy

    Open Chat :)

    I'm pretty good, but very tired lately, its been my first week back at work since the holidays lol
  11. FishyMandy

    Open Chat :)

    Hi guys, good to see you Mikey!
  12. FishyMandy

    where to buy quality Goldfish in Australia

    I believe Helen got fish from New Life Aquarium in Melbourne https://www.facebook.com/NewLifeAquariumAbbotsford/
  13. FishyMandy

    Open Chat :)

    Aw thanks Koko!
  14. FishyMandy

    My Golden Adventure

    Yea, I haven't fed them at all yet but they keep nibbling on the java moss lol. They are sooooo poopy lol
  15. FishyMandy

    My Golden Adventure