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  1. Wow! What a great giveaway. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into those.
  3. I'm looking for a thermometer that goes below 65 degrees or so. Here are my fish. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/104286-greetings-and-salutations/page__st__20
  4. One more question. The plants you see on top of the tank are what's leftover from some water lettuce that thrived in the pond. But for some reason they did not do well at all in the basement and have since been thrown out. Any suggestions on plants that I can use would be appreciated.
  5. Honestly, the first time I saw Mango on Dandy Orandas web site I gasped out loud and I knew I had to have her no matter the price. She's been through a rough time since I got her a couple months ago. When I introduced her into the tank after isolation I went the next day and her fins were all torn up. I assume from breeding activity. I removed her immediately and put her back in the hospital tank for a few weeks until she was all better. Just when I was getting ready to put her back, assuming that the breeding time was past, I noticed something that looked like a white fuzzy fungus on her head. I contacted GK forum and stumbled across Jennifer's Solid Gold page on YouTube and they were very helpful, espcially Jennifer's suggestion of hydrogen pyroxide. Anyway, when she was looking better I put her back into the community tank and one hour later she was torn up again. After another week in the hospital tank I moved her in a tank now with another known female and that's how they are now. Live and learn. She's active and eating well and seems none the worse for the wear but I will only put her now with other known females.
  6. Thank you all for the welcome. I am going to try to add some pictures of my little guys. Here goes nothing. A picture of my pond from above. I started this past Spring and purchased most of my fish either on eBay or on Dandy Oranda. They went from the shipping container into the pond and I didn't get a decent view of them until I brought them inside last month. I set up 2 tanks in my unheated basement and they will winter down there. Next year I will rotate them again outside but not the telescope veil tail. This is a picture of my pond taken from my bedroom window. I'm very fortunate to live on a small pond and the view is worth the price of admission. Mango is my pride and joy telescope veil tail that I got from Dandy Oranda. I also got my butterfly from Dandy Oranda. and my 55 gallon aquarium. As I mentioned earlier I had them all together because I was repairing my other tank and I took the opportunity to take some pictures. It worked!
  7. OK. I will have to take a stab at that another day because it's late and I'm watching Hurricane Sandy in CNN.
  8. I know it looks like a lot of fish for a 55 gallon but I have another tank that I was fixing and I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of them while they were all together. Winter tank. I have finally brought my fish inside. 3 tricolor ryukin, 1 orange and white ryukin, 1 blue oranda, 1 tricolor butterfly and the showpiece of my collection, red and black veiltale telescope.
  9. New member here recommended by Jennifer (Solid Gold) on Youtube/Facebook. I started keeping GF again after many years. I used to keep them as a teenager and into my late 20s when I got married and life slapped me in the face with 2 sets of twins. That was a lifetime ago. I don't know yet how to post pictures here so I'll provide a link instead. http://www.goldfishk...php?albumid=360 (I hope it's kosher to cross reference on blog to another) Started my new collection outdoors this past Spring and am doing well considering I've been persona non gratta for so many years. Slowly but surely. I moved them recently indoors and will babysit them till the weather warms up. All, that is, except my pride and joy, the black and gold veiltail telescope whose name is Mango.
  10. Question: I'm have my little guys spending the winter in an unheated basement. What is the low end temperature I should watch for? What is the ideal winter temp and which thermometer should I use for those lower temps? Everything I see in the stores goes down to 66 or 64 and my temps right now are hanging around 60, at least I think so because I can't find a thermometer to tell for sure. Thank you!
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