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  1. Dbl posting - but had to thank you dnalex. Awesome recommendation
  2. Thanks to Ted, I received my Soilent Green. It went through a MAF check and was approved. So now I know that my future orders will have no problems getting to me For any others in NZ get this for your goldies - they will love you for it
  3. Thanks so much. That really helped. Gonna try and be patient and just let the tank do its thing the goldies are happy at the mo and healthy and growing so I am not going to mess with that Hopefully once I add ammonia, the tank will cycle in good time. Thankfully I have technology to obsess with and distract lol!
  4. Hi guys Looking for some assistance here. To begin with just need to say that I am not the most patient person around and this is really testing my limits lol!! I am on my 10th day with my new tank.. Using API master test kit. Ph is 8.0 Ammonia is 0.25 (I could not find any ammonia so I added some flakes and as all piece of prawn into my tank) Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Questions 1. Why is the ammonia not higher than 0.25? Should I continue looking for pure ammonia? 2. Should I have seen some evidence of nitrites at this stage? 3. Is the state on ammonia/nitrite levels something to do with NZ water? This I guess the kiwis on the forum can respond to please? 4. I have spoken to 2 petstores here and a goldfish breeder close to me and they all said it would be ok for me to add at least 1-2 goldfish to the tank at this stage and that my tank won't cycle without them. But everything I have read here seems to state that this is not a good idea due to the stress on my fishes. I am not getting any new fish just the ones currently in the smaller tank. So as they are moving to a bigger tank, is it ok for me to follow the advice I am being given by the locals? 5. I use Prime and have recently bought Seachem Stability to help with the cycle? Should I use this? 6. As the 55 gallon came with an overhead filtration set up, I added some filter media from my other tank and added a couple of fake plants that I had in the current tank to it. Doesn't seem to have made a difference. Sorry if this is in the wrong section (I am still learning to navigate the website) and sorry if my questions sound naive My 4 seem to be happy and growing in the 70litre so I don't want to move them prematurely but at the same time I am eager to get them into a bigger home more catered to their needs (and coz I am impatient). But I don't want to hurt them. Oh and I think my fishes are less than 5 months old and no larger than 3 inches from tip to tailend. Look forward to your responses.
  5. Chris, thanks for the info you posted above. Its useful to know of another vendor. can you please post up how we can contact you as I am sure there may be others interested in getting Repashy products in the Pacific area. At this stage after some super prompt email communication, I ordered a bag and am expecting arrival in a week or so. Just wondering if any other kiwi want to get the Repashy product? I will post if there are any issues. Thank you dnalex for providing me with details for Ted.
  6. So I have emailed Ted and now I guess I have to wait (LoL patience is not one of my virtues)
  7. You are awesome!!! Thanks so much. I will go check his website now. (btw it was your rave review about this gel food that's got me wanting some hehe)
  8. Heya So I have been reading all the mad shout outs for this gel food and now really want to try it. I went to a couple stores here to see if its gets distributed here. I am in Wellington, NZ. But no luck so far. Does anyone know if it can be found here? Or will I need to find a distributor who will ship me some from the US? Have also been trying to find koi clay but I get really blank looks when I ask for it here. Does it have another name? Thanks guys.
  9. Anaru Aragorn (my blackmoor) has grown since that picture he got darker and his belly got bronzed a lot more.. He is like a pup. When I feed them he gets so excited to see me that he completely misses the food. I know about their poor eyesight so I have designated spots for feeding and after their initial frenzy it is quite amazing how each of the 4 know where their own treat awaits. Goldfish are sooo clever!
  10. Hey there Yes we have I subscribed to your You Tube channel and watched all your videos obsessively
  11. Yup the 70 litre is cycled. I took some of the filter media and added into the new tank. Have also taken the false plants I had and put them in as well. I am planning for the larger tank to be fairly simple. 1cm gravel. And some plants tied to rocks. No ornaments. Just want them to have loads of space. But the wait is still killing me. I have a friend helping me stay on track and not do anything foolish. It's early days yet. Just hoping it does not take months.
  12. Black, This is one beautiful Goldie! I don't have scales but I am fascinated by the thread Also too new to this world and still wary of holding my babies When I am ready and get some scales I will post my stats up.
  13. Thanks Shukura. That's what I have been fearful of as well that they maybe stunted. But they are so lively and active and alert that it doesn't matter at all. As long as they seem happy and don't fall sick I think I have little to worry about. At the moment I am trying to stay patient while the larger tank cycles. Trying not to test the water too much and just let it do its thing (it's only day 3).
  14. As you may be able to see, some of these youngsters have some issues.. Aragorn was midnight blue at the time but now turning darker. He has a bent tail. Samwise has a tiny hole in his fin that I don't know how to fix. Merry (Meriadoc) has a slightly bent spine. (I know I am a sucker for the ones that need taking care of) I think Pippin is ok or at least I hope. They have all grown a little in the last few weeks. I am trying my best to read up on issues these babies may have but so far nothing has popped up. They are all strong and none of them seem hampered by their issues as yet. I guess time will tell. It will be a few more weeks before they can move into their new and permanent home. Pippin (my comet) will be moved to an outdoor pond once he is too big to fit my tank. This is a project that I hope to get done by next year. I don't have the heart to separate him from the others yet as he seems attached to them and I think they are just little yet. I don't know about exact age but going by their size I think they are not much older than 3 months??
  15. These pictures are all about 5 weeks old - new ones to be added
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