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  1. Open Chat :)

    What up everyone!!!
  2. Open Chat :)

    Hi Netta. Hope you had a good day. I have had Big Boy for 4 years. He is so much fun!!! He does get grumpy if I do something in his tank he doesn't like. LOL!!!
  3. Atlanta Koi show

    I hope Bayana & Star do great and you have a wonderful time Myra!!!
  4. Open Chat :)

    Hello Netta. Hope you had a nice day. After losing so many Goldfish one after the other I decided they weren't for me. I had too many problems with them. I decided instead of just giving up I would get into keeping tropical fish. I just LOVE my Cichlid's!!! They are so colorful & lots of fun!!!! My favorite is my Oscar Big Boy. I got him when he was about 4 inches & he is now over 12 inches. He is so much fun!!!! He is ALWAYS rearranging the tank. LOL!!!! If it wasn't for Goldfish I would never would have made all the great friends I have made here!!! 55 gallon Cichlid tank Big Boy
  5. Open Chat :)

    I bet he's having fun. Mommy is. LOL!!! I have doggies. They are my kid's. I use to keep Goldfish. I lost them all to dropsy one after the other. I decided to go tropical. I have a 125 with my Oscar Big Boy. He has lots of personality & he is BI!!!. I have a 55 with Cichlid's. LOVE THEM!!!!
  6. Open Chat :)

    Hi Mandy!!! How are you???
  7. Open Chat :)

    Hi Netta!!! Free Mommy time!!! Yay!!! How old is your son? I do my water changes on Sunday. I LOVE it!!! So relaxing!!!
  8. Open Chat :)

    Sorry for your loss Myra. RIP Vendistis.
  9. Open Chat :)

    Hi everyone!!!
  10. Open Chat :)

    We had 95 degrees today!!! The heat has to stop soon!!! OMG!!!!
  11. Beautiful tank & Goldfish!!!
  12. Beauties in Slow-motion

    Cool video!!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!
  13. Please help Moon :(

    Hi Mikey!!! Moon looks great!!!
  14. Fish Bottom Sitting Since Last Night :(

    Hi Netta. It is a GREAT food!!! I know one of the guys who owns the company.
  15. Yearly Raffle is now open!

    What's an Osacar??? Is that a new breed of fish???
  16. Lisette My Rescue Dog

    Hi everyone. This is my rescue dog Lisette. She is soooooo sweet & lovable!!! She was in a high kill shelter. She has been a stray dog all of her life. They think she is about 5 months old. Lili LOVES her!!! She is getting use to having a bed, playing with toy's, & lots of good food. IM so glad I can give her a forever home , lots of LOVE, & and make her life so much better.
  17. Buddy's Metamorphosis

    He's beautiful!!!
  18. King Cal the Obstinate

    Sorry for your loss Tammy.
  19. Lisette My Rescue Dog

    Hi Netta!!! Hope your enjoying the forum!!!! Dogs are wonderful!!! You will enjoy having one.
  20. Lisette My Rescue Dog

    Hi Daniel!!! She is adorable!!!! I just LOVE her and so does Lili!!!!
  21. Lisette My Rescue Dog

    Hi Koko. Lisette is super sweet & lovable!!! Poor thing has been a stray her all whole life. She is getting lots of TLC!!!
  22. Lisette My Rescue Dog

    Hi Sharon. Hope all is well!! It is hard to believe. She was also in a high kill shelter. She is so sweet & lovable!!! IM so glad I could rescue her.
  23. Lisette My Rescue Dog

    Thank you Mandy!!! She will have the BEST life ever!!!