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  1. Open Chat :)

    Hi Netta. Hope you had a good day. I have had Big Boy for 4 years. He is so much fun!!! He does get grumpy if I do something in his tank he doesn't like. LOL!!!
  2. Atlanta Koi show

    I hope Bayana & Star do great and you have a wonderful time Myra!!!
  3. Open Chat :)

    Hello Netta. Hope you had a nice day. After losing so many Goldfish one after the other I decided they weren't for me. I had too many problems with them. I decided instead of just giving up I would get into keeping tropical fish. I just LOVE my Cichlid's!!! They are so colorful & lots of fun!!!! My favorite is my Oscar Big Boy. I got him when he was about 4 inches & he is now over 12 inches. He is so much fun!!!! He is ALWAYS rearranging the tank. LOL!!!! If it wasn't for Goldfish I would never would have made all the great friends I have made here!!! 55 gallon Cichlid tank Big Boy
  4. Open Chat :)

    I bet he's having fun. Mommy is. LOL!!! I have doggies. They are my kid's. I use to keep Goldfish. I lost them all to dropsy one after the other. I decided to go tropical. I have a 125 with my Oscar Big Boy. He has lots of personality & he is BI!!!. I have a 55 with Cichlid's. LOVE THEM!!!!
  5. Open Chat :)

    Hi Mandy!!! How are you???
  6. Open Chat :)

    Hi Netta!!! Free Mommy time!!! Yay!!! How old is your son? I do my water changes on Sunday. I LOVE it!!! So relaxing!!!
  7. Open Chat :)

    Sorry for your loss Myra. RIP Vendistis.
  8. Open Chat :)

    Hi everyone!!!
  9. Open Chat :)

    We had 95 degrees today!!! The heat has to stop soon!!! OMG!!!!
  10. Beautiful tank & Goldfish!!!
  11. Beauties in Slow-motion

    Cool video!!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!
  12. Please help Moon :(

    Hi Mikey!!! Moon looks great!!!
  13. Fish Bottom Sitting Since Last Night :(

    Hi Netta. It is a GREAT food!!! I know one of the guys who owns the company.
  14. Yearly Raffle is now open!

    What's an Osacar??? Is that a new breed of fish???