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  1. Gravel stuck in nostril

    Sorry I didn't make it clear. In the first photo there isn't anything to actually see I was just showing where I saw it, in the second photo it's the tiny paler bit but its a very bad quality photo ahaha No worries, it is really hard to see in that photo (2nd one only), the first was just illustrating where it was before passing through to the back. My mum who is currently looking after him has told me she can't see it anymore so I think it has just passed through. Thanks though guys!
  2. Gravel stuck in nostril

    That explanation is not great. Here's a couple (bad) photos. Where it was when I first saw it Where it is now I presume it will just make its way out now
  3. Gravel stuck in nostril

    Sorry I wasn't able to get photos as it is such a small thing to try and photograph and he won't stay still at all. Update though. The gravel got sucked even deeper and now I see it down the hole behind the nasal flap so I presume this means it's managed to travel through the sense organ somehow with the push of the water and hopefully will come out the other side. I feel there isn't much I can do now except hope it comes out...
  4. Hi guys, Long time no see! I still have Blacky, he's 9 years old now! I just noticed he has a piece of gravel lodged into his nostril, it looks very stuck and quite deep. How he managed to do that I have no idea ... Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it out? I'm going to leave it overnight and hope it falls out but it doesn't look like it's going to. I was thinking maybe creating a suction with a piece of tubing? This is not ideal as I'm moving back to university on Friday so only have tomorrow to try and get it out Thank you
  5. Do you still work here? Are the goodies still there? Sadly, the pond is gone. It turns out my customer owned about 1/3 of the pond and the golf course next door owned about 2/3. The golf course sold to a developer who is putting in condos, and due to the grading of the road, building, etc, the pond was drained and ceases to exist. Oh no that is sad, could have been amazing now
  6. Do you still work here? Are the goodies still there?
  7. Chill out time

    Love your tank and also one of my favourite things to do
  8. Betta preparation

    Hey guys, Some of you may remember I had a few guppies in a 5 gallon. That has been empty for some time and after a spring clean of the games room I want to re stock it and I'm pretty set on a male betta. So far it has a silk plant as I read they like sleeping on strong leaves An ornament for hiding A heater set on 26 degrees Celsius And I've stuffed the filter full of media as it is quite a strong current for a small tank and I know betta's don't like that. I will also be adding live plants and I am currently cycling it.
  9. greetings

  10. Goldfish of the Week Poll

    Hard choice
  11. Yay Thank you! Thank you Thank you! He's an amazing horse Thank you
  12. Koko's Kritter of the Week Entries

    Me and my horse Oliver XC training http://i1325.photobucket.com/albums/u637/I-goldfish/6DD4DCE6-7242-4389-82D1-E59AE539C879_zpsxg2azc0w.jpg
  13. What fish?

    Yeah i have ditched the gourami haha. Awesome sounds good Yep i will go slow and am planning on trying to aquascape this one so will let that grow in a little first, so excited!
  14. Hey!

  15. What fish?

    I have no idea at the petstore but would obviously check before when i finally introduce them to the tank. If this was a problem it would be fine, i would buy some API pH down i guess. Oh dear i don't want an evil fish That is what I'm leaning towards, 3 corys, 5 danios and 5 tetras and see how it goes. Yes i think it would be better without the gourami! Also i have a spare 5 gallon if i fancied a beta so that could always happen too I'll keep you both updated on the process, i hope this will be successful!