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  1. The other watonai is solid orange. The breeder is mostly getting full orange with calicos. The calicos are mostly orange, some white and red, and some dark black markings. I would love to add more white to the mix while keeping the body and fin types.
  2. Been gone a while, but I have my 90 up and running. I just got 2 watonai today and one of them (A nice calico with good fins and body) is a male. I also have a wonderful female shubunkin. I am wondering if it is worth attempting a crossbreed for longer split tails and even more straight body. Any thoughts? I will be updating pics soon.
  3. Long time no see peoples, it has been a rough summer. As I start bringing my Goldie's in from outside for the summer, which gives them less natural plants and algae to eat, I was considering making up some gel food made out of excess water sprite, algae mats, and some spirulina. I think this would be a great food for my Annie that still deals with moderate SBD issues. Does anyone have strong thoughts/opinions on this idea?
  4. While you do need to fill the out the data requested, they not be ill at all. Some fish take a while to take to a new food. Fill out the info as requested and the mods can look for any issues.
  5. Per the shrimp, my goldies love shrimp. The get any extra krill when I feed the oscar and JD. My package arrived today and everyone is fine. I just had to make sure I didn't add them to a tank with assassin snails.
  6. I'll pm you my address and What I am looking at getting.
  7. I want some, and I have room (can make room). What are you looking at for shipping cost?
  8. The mods will need all the info filled out to help you well. I've been through this myself and it can be multiple issues which is why all the info is needed. I ended up doing rounds of meds and a complete diet change but you may need something different.
  9. I can say that going from cheap flakes to higher quality pellets made a difference. When I added in more frozen foods like brine shrimp and bloodworms as treats helped more. Now that I do a mix of high quality pellets as staple with frozen food and a home made gel food as treats, my fish are the most active I have seen them. I personally believe that a good staple pellet with a variety of other foods makes a great overall diet. You may have to try various brands to see what your fish do the best with. My current fave pellet is NLS Thera A, but they did great on Progold until my Annie had swimbladder type problems.
  10. Odd thought that came to mind as I watched Annie swimming around, would aquatic plants be good in a gel food? Take plants that I know the fish eat like anacharis or duckweed and blend them up with all the rest of the stuff. It seems like it would be a good addition if you have lots of extra plants, as I do.
  11. A quick update. I am only a few days into adding this into the goldfishes diet, but it seems to be working well. They all love to eat it and seem more active. Even Annie, who has a history of swim bladderish problems, is swimming around like her younger self. She looks every bit the magnificent creature she is. It is way too early to deem it a long term success but the signs bode well.
  12. I'm so sorry this happened. We all have made mistakes, I sucked a baby oranda right out of a tank. Best of luck to you and Rupert.
  13. I used agar. The beef heart mix for the oscar didn't gel well, but the other batches ended up quite firm. The goldfish demolished theirs and are still hunting for more. I did give the oscar a piece of raw beef heart. My guess on size was a bit off. He was able to fit about half of it in his mouth and just swam around with it sticking out. It was a pain getting him to drop it so i could cut it up more.
  14. I ended up doing it with shrimp, cod, scallops, red leaf lettuce, cabbage, carrots, spinach, zuchini, acorn squash, NLS Thera A and spirulina. I realized I was out of garlic far enough along that I just went without it. They get enough with the NLS being their pellet food. I made a total of 28 cups of fish food today, it should keep them happy. They all loved their respective foods. Now I just have to cut and store it all.
  15. At the top of this sub-forum there is a link to gel food recipes.
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