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  1. 4prettyfish

    Big Boy Video!

    Yea, you weren't kidding were you, Dawn. hahaha He is>>>>>>>>>>>> H U G E. He grew a ton in such a short time. Friday might work for me. Not sure yet though. We have out of state cousins visiting. (they are staying at another cousin's house though) We might be over there. Call Dawn and if I'm not home that's why, okay.
  2. 4prettyfish

    Mysterygirl's Floating-World

    My like button isn't working for some reason or I would have liked your recent photo's. Your fish are beautiful and absolutely love your current pond photo's. Beautiful flowers/scenery. I hope Lasagna is getting better each day.
  3. Congratulations. Your kitty is adorable and such a cute photo also.
  4. 4prettyfish

    Back to tropical!

    I love all the new pieces you added for your tropical tank. It looks gorgeous, Steve. The photo above of the rainbow fish is beautiful. That's so neat that all your goldfish are out in your pond. Do you still have that other tank up with tropical fish? That is/was beautiful also.
  5. 4prettyfish

    1st video (Karma and Willow)

    Do you know how many inches now?
  6. 4prettyfish

    Big Boy Video!

    Holy Cow, Dawn. He has grown. ​He's not the 4 inch Oscar anymore. hehe The video really shows his size especially next to the bigger rocks. The rocks look small next to him now. hehehe I love him. Big Boy is gorgeous and I love his dark color.
  7. 4prettyfish

    1st video (Karma and Willow)

    I sure do love your Monsters, Angie.
  8. Thanks for sharing all of your tanks with us. Your fish are beautiful.
  9. 4prettyfish

    2nd Video (This, That and The Other)

    Your fish are so cool. They are beautiful. How big are they now? They look like a good size now. Love the set up of your tank also. I
  10. 4prettyfish

    3rd video the 20 gallon tank

    Your tank looks great Angie. Love all your plants and your Betta. I love his color.
  11. 4prettyfish

    my babies :)

    That's awesome that their one year birthday of having them is right around the corner. They are beautiful.
  12. 4prettyfish

    Leave me alone I've lost count

    Okay, Yet again my like button is not working. It's saying, "There was a problem storing your reputation vote." Geez, I just got on Koko's.
  13. 4prettyfish

    Leave me alone I've lost count

    Thanks Mandy. She is up there in age. Thanks Mikey for my cat's birthday wishes. Thank you so much. : He sure does surprise me for his age. I would have never thought 22 years or so ago that I would still have the same cat. Yes, you do have young cats compared to Milo. They have a while to go.
  14. 4prettyfish

    Leave me alone I've lost count

    Awe, thank you very much for your words. How wonderful that you adopted a cat from a rescue group. I love cats. I'm in S.D County also. Thank you Koko. Much appreciated.
  15. 4prettyfish

    Leave me alone I've lost count

    Sounds great, Dawn. Talk with you soon.