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  1. So far on amazon I have seen the best price. I got mine on sale at Petco however.
  2. Hey, someone (Smegy ) just told me, slow is ok as long as you get there in the end! No worries, happens to the best of us What a cute quote....Slow is good as long as you get there in the end. Never heard of that before. I Like. That was all Smegy Psiren! (; it's a good one (:
  3. It's not loud at all. I didn't even hear anything, and I had to check to make sure it was actually working cause it was so quiet . I have mine set up so the outflow sits just above the water level. It's really easy to set up. All I had to do was put the holder on, rinse, submerge and plug it in. I have the 24w, and it's extremely tall. It fits almost the height of my tank, maybe 4-5 inches short and I believe my tank is 24 inches tall. It's also stands out really well. It's not super pretty but it's only been 4 days and my tank looks great (compared to without), and my fish look a lot happier. It works well enough for the price. Though I've seen a lot of people say it's impossible to thoroughly clean it by the lightbulb and it will stop working, but I'm not sure if these were people with green water or people who just didn't know how to clean it properly Hopefully someone will chime in about that because I'm just as interested to know. (:
  4. Hey, someone (Smegy ) just told me, slow is ok as long as you get there in the end! No worries, happens to the best of us
  5. woops haha sorry for the repost. I guess it would cause slime coat damage... Yes but it's admirable people do what they can to help their Goldies!
  6. Been posted twice now, though from different sources (; http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/109794-disabled-goldfish-saved-by-owners-device/page__fromsearch__1
  7. Yep, of course, very overstocked. But much better than for example that commercial for medication for asthma in children where they have the poor comet flopping without water on a table, desperate for air. I understand what they were doing there and they certainly got the point across, but still it does not make it right to abuse the fish like that. So this commercial here, I find it a lot better. All these cute baby fantails, ryukins and orandas are so darn cute. I also gotta say that I kind of like the look of the bowl-structure inside the tank. But aside from the fact that our graceful fatties would probably run into them constantly, I don't even want to imagine what a diatom outbreak in there would do to the tank and you sanity Oh my gosh, a comet out of water?! That's terrible! It does make this commercial more appreciable. I thought the tank looked cool too, I just want to fill all of those bowls with plants, but the tank would have to be much larger for that to be space appropriate! I liked the one with the black on its tail :3 adorable!
  8. That was neat, still overstocked, but at least out of the bowl (x I like the concept. I wish my goldfish could cure cancer!
  9. I linked it in my post (; I wish that they'd post follow up stories for things like these though!
  10. I have a 24 watt for my 125. It's the green killing machine and it was really easy to install. I didn't need anything extra. It's a little underpowered for my tank, and it seems like it's on the lower end of uv sterilizes but it does the job for now. Its been about 4 days and I see a definite improvement in clarity (i have green water) i'd say you could probably use a 24w, most of the reviews were from people with 55-75 gals. There may be a slightly smaller size in a different brand but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone else can chime in, but I'm happy with it. It's a little bulky and long though.
  11. This was posted recently (: the general consensus is while these devices work temporarily, almost always does it cause slime coat damage /: I hope to see one of these made one day that does not harm slime coat however! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/109684-another-floatation-device/
  12. I hope so! I only want the to be happy! (;
  13. She did, I recall that announcement. There was also a thread on tanked a while back and a couple of mentions of the same episode.
  14. For sure! They are quite the finds, especially from a P*tco (;
  15. I would say deep breaths, but that's actually counter productive be somewhere ventilated!
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