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  1. Could I just have two guppys? Or will they need more 'friends?'
  2. I wanted more than one fishy in the tank thought But betta males look amazing! some fish really are beautiful!
  3. I have a spare 20L tank and I was wondering if there was any tropical fish i could put in it? I'd like really colourful fish, and 2-3 if I can It's just a spare so I just wondered if there was any I could home
  4. Thankyou I may use two filters depending on how it works out.
  5. I just meant, I am told the same thing over and over again. I know it isn't a perfect size, but I cant afford anymore..
  6. Hmm..Maybe this forum isn't as helpful as I had hoped..
  7. I was also thinking of the ''Elite Stingray Filter'' the right size for the tank
  8. Soo, anything you recommend? I read reviews, and there are mixed reviews on EVERYTHING. I really need something under £20....and quiet
  9. What about this : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Internal-Filter-600L-H-Pump-Aquarium-Fish-Tank-Spray-/330750879912?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item4d0249e8a8#ht_2036wt_1110 And what does : activated carbon box, mean?
  10. Two goldfish and a sucker loach. Yeah...I know, but all i want to know is a good filter I can't afford a bigger tank right now!
  11. Does anyone have any advice for a new filter for my new tank? It is roughly 60-80L, for goldfish (don't tell me its too small! its all i can afford atm, and they are currently in a 20L!) Say 80L to be sure as i don't know how much exactly...its a freebie! Is it best to go the next one up? Like a filter for 100L? Any good brands? I'd like it to be quiet and not too ugly and easy to maintain if possible..oh and cheap I'm from the UK so anything from there/can ship to there
  12. Can you recommend a cheap filter for me?
  13. My partners mother, just said I can have her old tank for FREE! About 90L I think..(She now has something like 250L!) Meaning I can afford a stand!
  14. Hm..I wonder if the desk it's on atm will hold the weight or not :/ If anyone has any links to small/cheap stands please let me know
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