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  1. ok here is my fish Prometheus. this is about a month after i first got him http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p543/nln1735/088.jpg and this is almost a year later http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p543/nln1735/prometheus_zps1a9ec67c.jpeg http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p543/nln1735/prometheus2_zps8461147e.png http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p543/nln1735/prometheus8_zps58a75a26.png
  2. I actually got him at petsmart! and there was another lemon but it was small and scrawny
  3. You should name her black beauty!
  4. The blue oranda is GORGEUS! I don't know what your friends are talking about!
  5. I really hope so! Im so excited i was literally bouncing up and down! the petsmart employee probably thinks im insane
  6. Thanks! He was also with this drop dad gorgeus red cap and he was a good inch longer than Posiedon
  7. So i have been searching for an good calico Ryukin for several months now but my favorite goldfish is the orandas and my dream goldfish that i really really wanted to have was a lemon head oranda... So i convince my mom to take me to Petsmart to see if they have any good fish i walk in and the first fish i see is a large amazingly beautiful lemonhead oranda! so naturally i start squelling like a little girl! im so extatic im pratically jumping up and down! i look him over real close he's got a minor case of fin rot but he looks healthy the lady at petsmart said theyd had him for a few weeks! The only reason that fish was probably still there was because it was $35 but hee was worth every penny!!!
  8. Mine is my new lemon head Posiedon i havent gotten exact measurements but he is at least 4.5in. long body only
  9. I use my hands because if i had to get a net every time Titan was stuck in a plant! I mainly use my hands out of convenience and the fact that my fish are calmer with my hand than a net.
  10. around December i got this beautiful 75 gallon goldfish tank i get it all set up put my three precious goldfish in and every thing is goilg perfect a few days later i find this gorgeous oranda at my LFS and i put him in quarintine right. The next day my dad wakes me up at three in the morning and says that my precious little fish Titan (with a mutated fin giving him a weak swimming abillity) is sucked up to the filter intake and it doesn't look like he's gonna make it. I sprint into the other room (falling painfully on my hip in the process) and scoop him up with a plastic cup yell at my dad to get the new fish (apollo)out of the quarintine tank. So i get Apollo into the 75 and Titan into the 20 quarintine. He could barely swim for a month and i cried for hours and then refused to sleep for 2 days because i wanted to be there if he died because he deserveed that much. And i am proud to say that i nursed him back to health and titan is now healthy and happy
  11. That is just cruel! I have been looking for a calico and that site is FULL OF THEM!!!!!! Sadly no where caries them all the time so i have to constantly be on the look out!
  12. nicole*

    S.I.P Ares

    I'll miss my amazing little fish! Well... actually... she was my biggest... and she meant a lot to me so I'll miss her...
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