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  1. you should have carried on and if the staff member said anything you should have said i have a heart one that works
  2. i forgot to say i had a blank moment lol if you need to know anything just ask there is always someone online
  3. i would just sit there and watch the fishes all day
  4. yes goldfish do come packed with personality to answer your question it depends on how big the large goldfish is and if its a peaceful or bully i have heard about people having smaller goldfish with larger ones and the smaller ones get hurt or worst eaten and before introducing other goldfish remember to quarantine
  5. its called a breathing tube it happens when you turn on the light some times
  6. so i went over to see the goldfish and check on them since i hadn't all weekend and i saw the two big goldfish and rue so i wondered.... wheres Leonard and in the corner of my eye near the rock covered in algae i saw a white glob i thought it was the snail so i lifted it out and to my disgust it was leonards corpse pale dead with a large gash in his side i all most threw up in the pond it was so disgusting but at the same time it was some re leaf knowing that karma had got him for killing my favorite algae eater al he was so awesome and Leonard killed him but it was still kinda sad good bye Leonard hope yo go some where that cats aren't
  7. i used to use nutrafin colour enhancing pellets they work well the fish loved them too
  8. here in AU, if you ask an LPS for a python, you are escorted to the reptile department.. :rofl :rofl :rofl2
  9. i really like how you did mine lol i didn't even realize it was me until i thought about it good brain benders
  10. you will need some mechanical filtration in your canister so the bio media doesn't get clogged
  11. omg i thought you were meaning like snake python and i thought you were mad lol
  12. in otherwords they will keep growing until they die
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