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  1. so sorry for your loss, Jess. i dreaded for this post to come, but we all know how you loved and tried hard to make him well. still, it's always hard to say goodbye.... know that we share your sadness..... RIP sweet lovable Puff. we will always remember you with love.
  2. oh cindy, you absolutely have such beautiful babies. and if you find THE program, i'd like to sign up, too.
  3. for a 10 gal tank, maybe you'll be fine with a manual gravel vac like this http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11123493, and the good old trusted buckets. it will give you ample time to thoroughly vacuum the gravel before the tank gets empty. hope this helps.
  4. such a cutie Congratulations Deb!
  5. actually, both jethro and tony have breeding stars already. thank you, Steve at RG is really good with giving infos and i even had posted pictures of the shipping water they came in with, for 2 days in a bag, the water remained perfect. Thanks! i know, right? was kinda nervous but i just took the plunge. hopefully the quarantine gods will keep smiling at me.
  6. it feels like christmas day everytime i have a box arrive from drs. f&s. LOL! thank you, she's a character already. thanks Fang. Timothy, Ziva and Ducky are still on special assignment. They'll be home soon.
  7. hi and welcome to Koko's mavwar Abby is a young blue oranda, but i can see that she has a golden undertone already. so i wont be surprised if she turns color anytime soon. am so glad to see you joining the forum all the way from manila.
  8. the pleasure is ours, sir Alex. -Jethro, Abby & Tony
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