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  1. Hi there and welcome to Koko's! There are plenty of members here who have ponds lol you have come to the right place look forward to some photos.
  2. Wow it's absolutely stunning, you should be so proud of your tank it's a work of art <33
  3. Hey i asked question about it. It looks like cage or something. What is it? lol I think it's just the reflection of a birdcage behind him.
  4. Wow! He's absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!!! And I know what you mean, I just got a big expensive fish and I'm watching it like a hawk making sure all his scales are in place lol.
  5. Thank you I think he just took a little while to settle in lol Yeah he's definitely bronze, still a little sweetheart though
  6. What a pretty fish, and beautiful set up ^_^
  7. Wow what a gorgeous fish, congratulations
  8. kiwiemmz

    5 Gallon Questions

    I had my Betta in a 5 gallon and he did really well in it, I don't know about giants though, I've never seen how big they actually are.
  9. lol good old Lucy Lawless XDD but Joxer, I really like that, thank you for the suggestion.
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