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  1. I would love to post photos, but haven't had any turn out real great. The little I know about fish keeping is what I have learned on this awesome forum.
  2. I have 3 shubunkins, 2 comets and 1 fancy in a 100 gallon tank. The sarasa comets are probably 10-12 inches without the tails. Two of the shubies are at least 8 inches without the tails, 1 is newer and still small but growing fast. The fancy is probalby 4-5 inches without the tail. I don't think a single tail belongs in a 40 gallon. The single tails grow really fast. I had a 60 and the older ones outgrew it. One of the comets and one of the shubies are over 8 years old. They others have been purchased in the last 7 years.
  3. It sounds good to me. The filtration and water changes would be important. I have a 100 gallon tank with 2 shubunkins, 2 sarassa comets and 1 fancy. I would love to have a pond, but can't unless i win the lotto, I have had 1 of the shubunkins and 1 of the comets for 8-9 years, all of the fish are pretty big. They seem to be healthy.
  4. Thanks Tithra, your videos and tips have been very helpful!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a new member, been lurking. As so many people have said, this forum is amazing! Wish I had found it years ago, would have saved me alot of hassle, heartache, and expense. For those of you trying to use pothos and other plants, you don't have to buy plants already rooted in soil which comes with the hassle of trying to wash the soil out. I just cut cuttings off my pothos, creeping charlie, and a heart shaped (don't know its proper name) philodendren, then stuck the stems in some 3 inch hydroponic pots, with some small rocks to hold them in, and stuck them in the top of my AC110. The creeping charlie already has roots sticking out of the pots after just 2 weeks! Hoping this is going to help with my nitrates. Lots of plants will root from cuttings in water, no need to buy them with soil.
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