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  1. You both are fantastic human beings! Thank you!!!!! Are lights absolutely necessary? I may hold off on lights, and just get a glass top that I spoke about in another thread. I do not plan on growing plants. I gather that lights are mainly for our viewing pleasure, and not essential for my goldies' lives? Also, I've heard that if one has a filtration system that creates enough water agitation (making the water splash on top, I really can't remember the technical term!), than a bubble wand/stone is not necessary. Your thoughts? I am so glad that I found Koko's, as I clearly would've been doing everything wrong!
  2. I hate to pester you all, as my posts must make me look like such a newbie I will be purchasing a 30 gallon (or 29 gallon, if there are no more 30's) at the dollar per gallon sale at PetCo this weekend! I will be purchasing an Aquaclear "HOB" filtration system, and use filter media instead of cartridges. I realize that this is a big question, but what else will I need? Of the additional things I'll require, what brand/type do you suggest? I don't want to forget anything, and you all are CLEARLY the experts on this! I am not planning on having gravel in my tank. I would like to put a few marbles down, and perhaps a couple of larger stones from the garden. What is the best way of cleaning these? I thought I'd put them in boiling water for a while. Thank you!
  3. Yes, this is true! I was going to set up my little 10 gallon and get a betta before I saw her little ones, Puff and Edie! Now, I can't help but want a couple of my own!
  4. I loved this so much! The part that made me crack up the most was "Oh, God, the python!"
  5. Thanks for your information! I called and asked specifically about 30 gallon tanks, and I was told that they are in the sale. But I'm sure a 29 gallon would do (famous last words?)
  6. Also, while we're on the subject, does this look like a good deal? http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3578+3731+3790&pcatid=3790&s=lh looks like I'd need the 36" for $25.99, not bad.
  7. I am purchasing a 30 gallon aquarium at petco, and I gather that it will not come with a hood. -I will be keeping goldfish, is a hood necessary? (I'm sure it is, I'm just curious) -Are hoods usually as expensive as they are online? I'll be spending as much for the hood as the tank, and it seems like a bit of a waste. Do you know of anywhere that I could obtain a hood for a 30 gallon at a better price? ($20 or under?)
  8. This has proven to be a crazy day. So, I was sitting with my mother and told her that I've decided not to set up an aquarium right now due to space issues and such. I explained why to her - that due to overcrowding the ammonia level would be crazy, and that it may cause health problems for my fish. She told me that two goldies would be fine, and that they are "just fish", and would probably die after a few months. I went into my room, and decided "challenge accepted!" I called petco, and they are still doign their dollar per gallon sale. They don't have any 30 gals. on hand right now, but may when they get their shipment in. I was instructed to call on friday and inquire then. I told my mother that I accept her challenge, that I will make a couple of goldies thrive for years in a larger tank. She's all for it. She wants to give me the money my sister was going to give me as a birthday present on the 26th now, so that I can purchase a filter and a test kit and "get the water cookin'" I will probably wait until the end of the month to purchase a test kit and filter, as I want to wait until I get payed to make sure that I have enough funds to cover all of this. Basically, the world has gone mad in the Hardin household! I am happy that I've found a community of people as nerdy as I to share this little adventure with!!!
  9. I've decided to wait to have any fish until I can purchase a large enough tank. Thank you all for your help, I look forward to learning from you all in the future!
  10. What a great idea, Shakaho! Thank you, I will have to consider that!
  11. Thank you all for your input. I shall wait to have two goldies until I have a 30 gal up and running. Ms. Jenny says that having just one small goldfish in my 10 gallon for a few months would be fine, do you all agree? If I did this, I would preform two weekly water changes, and I would have a new tank in no more than 5 months, tops.
  12. Is that so? In that case, I take back what I said. It's fantastic to learn these skills at such a young age! Still, parents need to be more responsible when taking any animal into their home. I cringe when my mom says that they are "just fish". They are living beings who we share this planet with, and should be treated with every ounce of dignity that they deserve.
  13. This may come out as more of a rant, but I'm sure that most of you can sympathize. I was at Walmart the other night. I like to avoid looking at the tanks, as they are usually empty, full of dead fish, or of fish that are only alive from eating the bodies of dead fish. Anyway, I saw two little boys, couldn't be more than 12, walking down the aisle with fish (in bags) in their hands. They told their mother "I have a fish, I have a fish!". They were flailing the fish about in their bags. I saw them a few minutes later in the store. From what I overheard, their fish had sunk to the bottom of the bag, and the boys were shaking their bags in an effort to get the fish to move. Why on earth would you give a child a fish? I admit that I had fish, but I was always supervised and taught to respect them. This just astounded me. Every kid on the planet has seen Finding Nemo, did they take away nothing from that film!?
  14. Thank you for the welcome! She's also very loved at the fishy community on youtube
  15. I have been doing lots of research about goldies, and I keep coming across the same cruel reality - 25% of fish that people buy from pet stores have something wrong with them, and don't live to their full potential once home. (that figure is just my estimate, by the way). I want to know what your experience was buying fish online. Did they arrive in good condition? Do they thrive in your tank? Do you prefer this method of obtaining goldies to buying them in a pet store such as petsmart? I want to avoid purchasing a fish that is sick, stunted, ets. as much as I can. I wonder, why are goldfish over the internet so expensive? Also, do they sell young goldfish?
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