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  1. yafashelli

    King Cal the Obstinate

    For any of the old timers still remaining, I am saddened to report that Cal was found this morning, having passed in his sleep. He was 8 years old, and a terrible destroyer of plants. He was my last remaining goldfish, and I'm uncertain whether I will take it down, or put something else inside. He was a good boy, and I'll miss him.
  2. yafashelli

    Andrew's 125 G Dirt Planted Goldfish Tank

    I'm so sorry for your loss, Andrew. You had such a beautiful setup, and such healthy fish. Please don't think that it's anything you did or didn't do. Sometimes these things just happen.
  3. yafashelli

    New Kitty

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. yafashelli

    Unboxing Video of my Dandy Oranda Kirin Tele

    I thought that was a gorgeous fish, Aubrey! :D I hope you have a supremely boring qt.
  5. yafashelli

    Questions about bunnies

    Such a cutie! I especially love that dark patch around the nose. :D It'll take him a few days to settle in, but he'll be just fine! :D
  6. yafashelli

    Questions about bunnies

    Our rabbit terrorizes our giant maine coone. Once you find a vet that you can trust, it'll get much easier.
  7. yafashelli

    Questions about bunnies

    I have no idea regarding the grass or dandelions. It's not something that I've ever used as a food source for my rabbits. We keep ours strictly in-house and there was always such a nice variety of accessible foods that it never occurred to me to try it. : I imagine you've already done your research regarding an exotic vet (many vets do not treat rabbits, and of those who do, not all are created equal). What I would do, regarding your dietary concerns, would be to contact their office and ask them. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation on the internet and that can be very frustrating when you want to give your pets the best life possible. That being said, I have never had a vet who recommended a pellet diet at all. That's actually something that I didn't learn until I brought in my first rabbit in with GI stasis. That first vet said that we should say our good-byes, so I went to the equivalent of an emergency room for animals. The exotic team saved his life that night, and I received quite a dietary education. Both of our GI stasis rabbits eventually went on to live beyond the 10 year marker. There could be other causes (excessive grooming causing hair to block the intestines, for example), but a heavy pellet based diet was the more likely cause for both guys to fall ill. Pellet fed rabbits are also more likely to be overweight. I don't know the science behind it, especially when so many brands claim to be made totally of ground up hay bits. : I recommend that you do fix your animals, especially if you ever plan to have more than just the one. There's a reason that they say that something "multiplies like rabbits", and it's not uncommon to think that you brought home two fluffly little girls/boys from the breeder, only to find a cage full of pink babies a few months later. : Fixed animals are also much easier to introduce to each other. Ask Charlie... Really... We worked on making hers get along for MONTHS. A fixed boy and a fixed girl make the best pairing. Two males will fight like Hell, as will two females. I'm not saying that same gender pairing isn't possible, but it's not a lot of fun troubleshooting. I've had rabbits that never learned to get along, and I've had pairs who were inseparable. It's all in the personality. Pairing rabbits, especially when one has been an "only child" for an extended period of time can be stressful. Once you have them bonded, it's so worth seeing their friendship and love unfold. You say that your house gets in the 80's. Are you planning on keeping him outside in a hutch, or inside the house with you? Does your home have air conditioning? He'll chew through cardboard like a candy. You'll have to find something sturdier to keep him from sneaking through the holes. They're REALLY small when you get them. If you're not sure, find something with less space between the bars. I carried my baby (he has many names, but mostly we call him June) home from the breeder in a HAMSTER cage. I used to leave the door of that cage open on the floor of my living room and when he needed a rest, he'd run in to sleep in the wheel. As far as how often do I feed him fruits or treats... We don't usually plan it. He's at my feet constantly, when I'm in the kitchen. If I drop something, he's there before it hits the floor. He eats a lot more than a spoonful twice a week though. His particular favorites are brussel sprouts, small amounts of kale, ROMAINE (not iceberg--iceberg lettuce can make them very sick) lettuce, apples, bananas. Even though he shouldn't have them, he also finds the occasional piece of cereal/cookie/crumbs/bread on the floor. You'll never vacuum or sweep again!
  8. yafashelli

    Questions about bunnies

    Because I can't talk about him without sharing a photo or two, here he is. No plate is safe while he's on duty... He got onto the table, pulled the bread bag down onto the floor, and this is how I found him...
  9. yafashelli

    Questions about bunnies

    I'll let it pass this time, Aubrey. I'm watching you.... Congratulations on your new addition! I'm sure you'll find that rabbits make unbelievable pets. I've kept at least one (but usually at least 2 or three) for the last twenty years, and can't imagine a better companion. My current guy is a senior, as Charlie mentioned before, and the needs of a senior are much different from the needs of a young'un. One of the best sites for information on all aspects of a rabbit's life is The House Rabbit Society. I will include links to recommended vegetables, and also information on general diet. I do not feed a pellet based diet as it could cause problems with a rabbit's very delicate digestive system. It also can cause obesity, as these pellet based mixtures usually have lots of unnecessary treats, which they ALWAYS pick out first. We give our guys unlimited amounts of hay (the type depends on the rabbit's age), and plenty of veggies from the approved HRS list (I'll link you). 80% of your bun's diet should come from hay and approved greens (please note that the supposed hay based pellet feed is not a replacement for bagged or baled hay). Fruits can be great treats--if I'm slicing up an apple or banana, a piece MUST go to our bun (or else ). Also, be sure to give your bun plenty of exercise! During the hours that we're home, our boy has run of the whole house. He's litter trained, so if he has to pee pee, he runs into his cage. I will admit that he leaves poop pellets, as he goes, but they're very easily vacuumed or swept up after he's done. They're small, hard round balls, and do not smell, nor will they make a mess. If you give them free reign, they really develop personalities! My current guy is a real terror, but we love him so, so much. I promise you, your life will never be the same again. Please feel free to ask any questions. I must admit to not being super active on the forum lately. If you reply directly to one of my posts, it will go to my email. Or, if all else fails, Charlie or Aubrey will grab me (as they both did this morning). Links: http://rabbit.org/suggested-vegetables-and-fruits-for-a-rabbit-diet/ http://rabbit.org/faq-diet/ Oxbow is also a good source of information, though they are a food distributor. Their Critical Care saved the life of two of my rabbits, before I realized that pellets were the cause of their GI stasis. http://www.oxbowanimalhealth.com/
  10. yafashelli

    Update on black sand tank & fish

    Beautiful tank!
  11. yafashelli


    I'm sorry for your loss.
  12. yafashelli

    Black Sand and Planted tank Inspiration

    I'm always sooo jealous of the rocks you are able to find. Seems any time you post a tank that has rocks, I have the same reaction! I can find smallish rocks and huge ones, but never anything I really like in the mid range. Tiki, you can head to any landscaping place that sells mud, limestone, rocks or gravel. They'll have rocks of all different shapes or sizes, and they'll charge you by the pound. I'm happy to share my favorite rock buying places with you. Yes Please! See what I did there? Lol! PM me and we'll get rockin' and rollin'. Pun definitely intended.
  13. Congratulations! What a nice picture!
  14. yafashelli

    Black Sand and Planted tank Inspiration

    Look at all these beautiful tanks!!!!! I'm always sooo jealous of the rocks you are able to find. Seems any time you post a tank that has rocks, I have the same reaction! I can find smallish rocks and huge ones, but never anything I really like in the mid range. Tiki, you can head to any landscaping place that sells mud, limestone, rocks or gravel. They'll have rocks of all different shapes or sizes, and they'll charge you by the pound. I'm happy to share my favorite rock buying places with you.
  15. yafashelli

    Planted Tank Update

    Your tank looks beautiful, Dan.