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  1. Kate, I absolutely agree with Taryl and Lisa. I've seen a lot of treatment for fluid rings with no other symptoms and/or stringy poo with no other symptoms that did not seem to fix anything and quite possibly hurt.
  2. Thanks for the review, MG. I think Fuse is going to be a real looker.
  3. Not always. I haven't had bad algae for a year or so. I just feel like there is less to go wrong with the lights off - cooler water and possibly less microorganism activity. Have a good trip, Charlie!
  4. I always leave the lights off when I go away.
  5. Nope, at least not me. I'm not sure if Fancy made it.
  6. This is a really productive discussion. Personally, based on zero research but over 3 years of reading here, you have as Sharon says the massive die offs of young fish for bazillion different reasons, then the mortality caused by poor husbandry, followed by the fish owned by people who can actually keep fish alive. Of the third group, some die anyway despite good care (mystery infections, wen ulcers and sudden death). Tanks are fundamentally different than ponds for many reasons and while pretty much everyone on the forum with tanks has a fish that has lived well past 3, they have had more that died before they had them a full 3 years (although how old the fish actually reached can be difficult to know). My older fish shows signs of all the things Sharon mentioned - sensitivity to water quality, weight gain and balance issues, and an infection that we had to really work to beat. All of these things hit around the 4 ish year mark. In fact, it is like having a completely different fish now and we are very careful with him and his care.
  7. I had a few fish that I got from the store and they lived 9 years like Pharoh and others 3-4 years. I think it depends on Genetics and how they were raised... I know Pharoh came from a local breeder in the old town( that was selling the fish to the LFS) I lived in, cause I was going to breed Chocolates but it never worked.... I guess it depends on the store... locally owned or a big chain Oh, I didn't mean anything about stores per se (we have only the lowest possible quality fish stores here, which is where Newton came from) I just meant that, judging by having read fish histories for some years here on the forum, a large number of fish don't make it out of their juvenile stage/develop congenital problems or are weakened by disease or shipping stress and that these problems show up fairly quickly. Once the fish settles in and begins to thrive in the home environment, I tend to think like Taryl, anything over 3 years is a bonus. If you consistently cannot keep fish alive to their third birthday, there might be something wrong with your set-up and routines. Many of us have had/do have older fancies, but we have also experienced the quick juvenile die-offs and fish that died somewhere around 3-4 years old.
  8. Henk, they are incredible! Impressive colours and body conformation.
  9. My suspicion is that the average life span after the store is 3 months. Like Arctic Mama, I tend to think that anything above 3 years in good conditions is doing very well. My oranda is... gosh.. approaching 5 years.. and while healthy, is increasingly sensitive to water quality and food issues.
  10. Looking good! No problems with all the rain this summer?
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