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  1. Snail newbie--questions, sorry!

    They will definitely sulk unless the temp warms up some.
  2. Snail newbie--questions, sorry!

    I really don't think you have to QT them for a month, regardless of source, although I understand the desire to do so. Essentially, you want to get rid of any parasites that might be riding on their shells or in the water under their shells. In the past, I have QT'd the small ones (dime-size or less) in a small container ( a 5-litre vase) - and changed the water daily for a week. Then I moved them to the 20 litre plastic bucket for another week with every other day changes. I plop them in the tank after that whenever the balance between tedium and neurosis flips to the tedium end of the scale.
  3. RIP Koko (the fish)

    Sorry, Mikey.
  4. New Chu

    He's sweet, Hyde!
  5. Kate, I absolutely agree with Taryl and Lisa. I've seen a lot of treatment for fluid rings with no other symptoms and/or stringy poo with no other symptoms that did not seem to fix anything and quite possibly hurt.
  6. Shirt Colors

    Pink, but in a girly fit.
  7. Another Eye Blister

    Not always. I haven't had bad algae for a year or so. I just feel like there is less to go wrong with the lights off - cooler water and possibly less microorganism activity. Have a good trip, Charlie!
  8. Another Eye Blister

    I always leave the lights off when I go away.
  9. Dino's Fish Store

    Nope, at least not me. I'm not sure if Fancy made it.
  10. There are 95 goldfish in this gallon of water.

    Sorry, Chelsea.
  11. Big Spawn!

    A gazillion!
  12. Not Gold, not Silver, but Bronze

    Brave man, Jared.
  13. Acceptable / realistic age

    This is a really productive discussion. Personally, based on zero research but over 3 years of reading here, you have as Sharon says the massive die offs of young fish for bazillion different reasons, then the mortality caused by poor husbandry, followed by the fish owned by people who can actually keep fish alive. Of the third group, some die anyway despite good care (mystery infections, wen ulcers and sudden death). Tanks are fundamentally different than ponds for many reasons and while pretty much everyone on the forum with tanks has a fish that has lived well past 3, they have had more that died before they had them a full 3 years (although how old the fish actually reached can be difficult to know). My older fish shows signs of all the things Sharon mentioned - sensitivity to water quality, weight gain and balance issues, and an infection that we had to really work to beat. All of these things hit around the 4 ish year mark. In fact, it is like having a completely different fish now and we are very careful with him and his care.
  14. Leave me alone I've lost count

    Happy birthday, Milo and congratulations on providing such great care, Cheryl.