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  1. Anyone know whats wrong with this goldfish? Looks like some kind of eye infection. Got him this way. All the others are fine. I have him isolated right now. I want to treat him. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. It has been awhile since I have been here or had any goldfish. I have a 230 gallon Shubunkin tank. Will have some pictures later.
  3. These clowns are captive bred and have never seen an Anemone before.
  4. I have a RBTA, its hiding behind the rocks. Just got it a few days ago.
  5. The 120 would be the best option. As it has deep front to back. Nice footprint for your rock work. I regret doing a 55g. Do some research before you buy anything. Get all your rock at one. Every time you add new rock, it will start the cycle over. Get a good skimmer and set up a refugium with a sock filter. You can go with T5 lighting or LED. Don't need a MH light, those are out date and would require a chiller. If you go with T5 go with a 6-8 bulb set up. If you go with LED, get a reef compatible system, not the one that are sold at Petco/Petsmart. Once you have your rock set, let it cycyle for about 2-3 months before adding anything live. Weekly water changes. Get a good test kit. After 2-3 months start adding your cleaner crew. About 5-6 months you can start adding fish and corals. Don't add to much at once, as this will spike your amonia. After 5-6 months you can drop your water changes to every two weeks. This is exactly what I have done and I had no problems. Best to use RO/DI water, it will reduce the algae breakouts. Also you can hook up a phosban reactor in the refugium.
  6. Finally added some corals. Pulsating Xenia Mushrooms Birdsnest Orange Monti Zoas Frog Spawn Torch War Coral Green Star Polyp Fish 2 Blacker Ice Clowns Star Blenny Scooter Bleny Diamond Goby 6 Line Wrasse Sandsifting Star Got out Clown in yesterday, Video of them in the drop tub.
  7. http://www.liverocknreef.com/
  8. Here is some more updated photos. Saw some awesome rock at a LFS, I needed more anyways.@Courtney - Just waiting a few more months to start adding some coral.
  9. So much life, we find new things all the time.
  10. Here is a couple full tank shots. 60 Pounds of Cherry Premo Picked Deco Live Rock (Florida) 60 Pounds Fiji Pink Live Sand 6x39 T5HO Lighting (2 Blue Plus, 2 Purple Plus, 2 Coral Plus. This last shot is of the quick thinking on how to get my light to work. The light was too big for the tank. I didn't want to wait to get a hanging attachment. I glued some wood on the back of the trim. Looks pretty good. Everytime I look at the tank there is something new on the rock. I love it. I will probably pick up some more later.
  11. Hickers survived and are in the tank. Not sure if they will survive, since its a new set-up.
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