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  1. Thank you, There may be some good combos, Im a fraid I wouldnt be able to get rid of them.
  2. Thank you. As of now I have too many fish. I have Wakins, Orange Comets, Tangerine Comets, Blue/WHite Goldfish, shubunkins, mixed Koi, Platinum Ogon Koi. I am in the process of getting rid of all the fish and just keeping the Wakins. We went a little overboard when buying fish. Plus I dont want any mixed breeding.
  3. Here is my 700 gallon above ground pond. Made with 4x4 treated lumber. Originally had a whiskey barrel liner for a bog. Filtered with Luganua 2100 and a Laguna 1000 UV filter. It has been running since June 2018. I took down the BOG last winter, too small and the plants were growing like crazy. That was a big mistake. Ever since that, I never had a clear pond as I did when we had the BOG. We have way too many fish. In the process of getting rid of all the Koi and most of the goldfish. I am also making a new BOG. I hope to have that done soon.
  4. Anyone know whats wrong with this goldfish? Looks like some kind of eye infection. Got him this way. All the others are fine. I have him isolated right now. I want to treat him. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Are you serious!?! Idk how many times I've seen something that had a great price but shipping just killed it. That's amazing! Best to call to make sure. Some stores won't do it, depending on the item. I have never been denied yet. They always say depends on the item.
  6. You can also print your cart from Petco and petsmart, take it to the store and get it for the online price. I do it all the time.
  7. I got a 4 Stage RO/DI for $129 http://www.bulkreefs...stem-75gpd.html Refractometer - $18.99 http://www.bulkreefs...tion-fluid.html
  8. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-4-stage-value-plus-ro-di-system-75gpd.html $40 off. I just bought that one.
  9. marinedepot is cheaper and they will match any online price and refund you 10% http://www.marinedepot.com
  10. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/ has a Black Friday 12% off and a few doorbuster sales. Good till November 25th,
  11. I was getting nervous. I always use paypal for sites that I never dealt with. Glad everything is refunded. My new sump is on the way.
  12. Worst experience that I have ever been through dealing with an online company. I bought my Sump from them on October 19th, 2012. I got the automated email stating they received my order and I will get another email when the item is shipped. Four days later I emailed them asking them the status of my order. No reply, I gave them a call a week later. All I got was a voice mail. Tried calling the next day. Same result, only voice mail. Filed a claim with Paypal. Within minutes of filing a claim, I got a email from theaquapet.com/. Just another email stating that my order has been received. Finally yesterday November 17, 2012 I got my money back. Ordered my sump from somewhere else. Doesn't always pay to go to the cheapest site. Stay away from these thieves. Lessened learned... http://theaquapet.com/
  13. Will the tanins harm my fish? If my LFS says it has cured would I still need to soak it for so long? I think the BN can last a couple of days without wood, but not a couple of months ): They will not harm your fish. In some part of the Amazon the water is filled with them. If you like that look. If the piece is small enough, try boiling it for several hours. No guarantee though. The longer you boil, etc the better the chances of removing them all. The longer you soak it, the better. To make sure it's water logged and will sink. Not all drift wood will sink. Looks like the same kind that I have. You should have no problem.
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