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  1. knoids

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hey Emma, welcome to the forum!!!
  2. knoids


    My dog always does a when I get home!
  3. knoids

    Peek-A-Boo! spruuuung!.. lol...

    I must say, you have the most amazing accent!
  4. knoids

    6 gallon planted JBJ

    Oh man, that is so beautiful!
  5. knoids

    Veil's Tails Everywhere ❤

    Can you tell your Veil Tails apart, kukana?
  6. knoids

    Veil's Tails Everywhere ❤

    I hear a piano!
  7. knoids


    You must be busy! Good job doing this for your neighbor, but there is only so much you can do.
  8. knoids

    New member here!

    Hey Trevor, You and I, we have stuff in common. Tithra forced both of us on here, and we just have to plug away at it. Tithra also tricked me into wanting a goldfish. It's brutal! Don't worry, we can make it!
  9. knoids

    What's your Betta type preference ?

    My complete favorite is actually a Plakat! Then comes the Crowntail. Right now, my 2 youngest sisters share a Veiltail betta, named Squish. He is normal, but they love him!!!
  10. knoids

    Monster Fish 2000-2005

    Great story!
  11. knoids

    TOTM Winner

    Look at the rays of light coming through! Amazing!!!
  12. knoids

    They wanted to say HI

    It covers up the Algae on the back of the tank wall What works, works!
  13. knoids

    They wanted to say HI

    Awesome video, although I have never liked backgrounds like that. Of course, that is just my opinion!! Your fish are so healthy looking, and awesome as always! BTW, I am not trying to be rude at all! I seem to make lot's of comments that state how I don't like something, sorry about that!
  14. knoids

    Subscriber of the Month Winner

    :krazy: you deserve it!
  15. knoids

    Giant Bettas!?!?

    It should be fine for the time until you get a new heater. Betta's defiantly like warmer temperatures though!