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  1. I must say, you have the most amazing accent!
  2. Can you tell your Veil Tails apart, kukana?
  3. It covers up the Algae on the back of the tank wall What works, works!
  4. Awesome video, although I have never liked backgrounds like that. Of course, that is just my opinion!! Your fish are so healthy looking, and awesome as always! BTW, I am not trying to be rude at all! I seem to make lot's of comments that state how I don't like something, sorry about that!
  5. I really enjoyed reading this thread!
  6. Congratulations Emily, but more importantly, WOW Drowsy, that was so nice of you to send away a sculpture like that! (well GOING to send a sculpture)
  7. I love nano tanks! this is a great design!
  8. All fish seem to have an addiction for poo.
  9. Oh wow! The finnage! The color! What magic is this?!
  10. It's really cool that you did this, Aluyasha!
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