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  1. Calamity

    Questions on floor strength.

    You're more then welcome to talk whoever you want out of their tanks. That doesn't matter to me. I made a point that she can have what she wants and she just has to look into it and you come back arguing about a couch. Lol supportive all around.
  2. Calamity

    Questions on floor strength.

    Um no.No. Structural engineer husband's response: "A four person couch is roughly 91” x 30” or converted to square feet is 19 square feet. Say each of the four people is 300 pounds. That is 1200 pounds total. 1200 pounds over 19 square feet is 63 pounds per square foot. That is the same as 12” of water. If your tank has more than 12” high water, the load effect is higher than four 300 pound people sitting on a couch." Thats a very percise couch you must have. Better tell the millions of people with massive fish tanks that arent directly on a slab that they shouldnt have a tank right?
  3. Calamity

    Questions on floor strength.

    You definitely don't need to put the tank on a slab. That is insane. People all over the world have 200+ gallon fish tanks in old houses on 2nd, 3rd, and way up in condos. If you can check out how the floors were made to ensure they weren't designed by 1st graders using 1x1" support beams then you're golden. Wood is strong. Houses are strong. Your floors are strong. Think of how much weight they currently hold. Their designed to hold more. Look at a family of 4 sitting on a couch, how much weight is right there?
  4. Calamity

    Questions on floor strength.

    I just put a 150gallon, with 50 gallon sump, in a 40 or 50 year old house, second floor. And that's all in a 4ft by 2ft area, not even spread out over 6-8ft like most 150gals You would be surprised what your floors can handle. Especially in newer houses. I might suggest speaking to a structural engineer if you're super worried. And ensuring the tank is against a load bearing wall. In a corner next to 2 load bearing walls would be best. If I was me... I would do it.... I've all ready done it lol.
  5. You should be good to just fill it up. Unless it got super cold or baked in the sun.
  6. Calamity

    bn plec quarantine

    Hey now. Youd be surprised at how many people research and still salt their plecos [emoji14]
  7. Calamity

    bn plec quarantine

    Prazi is awesomely safe. Ive used it in my reef and the corals and various snails and all other critters did just fine. Plecos will be fine with prazi. But like everyone else said no salt.
  8. Calamity

    Baby geese!?

    You will need to phone a wildlife rehabber asap. Even if they cant take them right away they will give you the best answer as to what to feed and how often. Their answers need to outrank anyone on here and the internet
  9. Calamity

    Koko's Kritter of the Week Entries

  10. I painted the back of mine to avoid the bleh of the backgrounds you can buy, plus my new reef tank was 7" taller then any background you could purchase. I view my tanks from the sides so no, definitely didn't paint the sides. Used sand so didn't bother painting the bottom either.
  11. Calamity

    Dixie training class starts today.

    Shes a puppy. Shes supposed to be crazy. There are no quick fixes. Her training being a success or not will come down to how much effort youre willing to put into it. You cant stop doing something just because it didnt work. You need to commit and reinforce. Over and over again. I've been a trainer for a few years now and seeing this kind of stuff is infuriating. Prong collars are designed for thick haired dogs like a Tibetan Mastiff NOT short haired dogs!
  12. Calamity

    Repaird acrylic tank safety

    It depends how they were sealed. There are 2 normal ways to seal drilled holes. 1 is to keep the bulkhead in the hole and use a threaded plug with Teflon tape to plug the hole. This means the stand for the tank cannot be solid. It must have a spot for the bulkhead cut into it. The other is to use another square piece of acrylic and add some sealant of some kind and just place that over the holes. I personally would NEVER get a used tank. Not worth the risk. You cannot use silicone on acrylic. IT just doesn't bond properly. Many people would try and use a piece of acrylic or glass and silicone that over the drilled holes. That will not hold properly.
  13. Calamity

    Koko's Kritter of the Week Entries

  14. Calamity


    You will want to copy and paste this form, and fill it out in your topic here. Please fill out the entire form. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116133-help-request-check-list/#entry1690453
  15. Calamity

    Aquatic Photo of the Month Entries

    Melanurus Wrasse http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lolaandthecrowd/Fish%20Tank%20-%20SW%20150/IMG_6459.jpg