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  1. Drowsy

    Adopting a kitty this weekend =)

    I feed my cat Blue Buffalo Wilderness. And I use fresh step clumping litter after a LOT of trial and error. haha. Just make sure she has a food that is at least 40% protein. Unliek dogs they are almost exclusively carnivores. I have a harness for my cat. And a big dog lead in the back yard. So whenever I am out doing things with the pond or the yard I take him out with me and put him ont he lead. It lets him access almost the entire yard. c: He loves it. And I don't have the various worries. congrats!
  2. Drowsy

    What......ANOTHER TURTLE?!?!?!?

    I wouldn't honestly suggest taking turtles from the wild. (even babies) Laws and regulations can get murky dependng on the state. So if you want to make sure to research! If they are yellow bellied sliders I would suggest leaving them. Yellow bellies are being depleted by interbreeding with red eared sliders. We really need them in th wild. Or taking them to a wildlife or reptile specific animal center. uwu I think watching them hatch would be amazing, and if you really wanted to help you could gather them up when they hatch and take them to a nearby suitable habitat! you can even put a tiny fence around them to keep them from scooting awa if you aren't there.
  3. Drowsy

    What......ANOTHER TURTLE?!?!?!?

    Just so you know that is not a snapping turtle! That actually looks more like a slider of some kind. It's amazing that she laid eggs! For future reference snapping turtles have jagged, lumpy shells and arrowhead shaped heads. They have huge front legs and lots of fleshy bits showing And HUGE tails. They look like dinosaurs. and here is your gal I'm not sure what kind of slider she is without seeing her face or belly. but wow what a great experience, congratulations!
  4. Drowsy

    Fig and Peach. (crested geckos) tons of pics.

    yep! c: I mist them two or three times a day, letting their terrarium dry out a bit between. I keep the humidity around 50%/60%
  5. I thought I'd make a new topic just for the babies, instead of for the terrarium. c: I just got these babies yesterday in the mail. A good friend of mine bred them, but they turned the genders she didn't want them to be and as much as she wanted to keep them she realized she should keep the room for this years babies. So she gave them to me. Here is the terrarium I made them: I made a thread for it here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/110324-terrarium-build/ Fig is the male: Here's how he arrived they both arrived in these cups, but I only got a picture of Figs. xD Peach is the female: They seem to be settling really well! thought they would be hiding, but they seem to like to lay around right out in the open. I'll post more pictures here as I get them. Fig was born early last July, and Peach was born early last June. They have another good year of growing to do. these are the first crested geckos I have ever owned. I hadn't even handled them up until now. But I am so in love. They are both really sweet and so light and slow. and right now graceful but I'm sure as they gow and get pudgier that will stop, haha.
  6. Drowsy

    Terrarium build.

    The babies arrived! Prepare for photo spam~ firs is Peach and now Fig!
  7. Drowsy

    Terrarium build.

    The ferns didn't take well to being transplanted so I changed them out for grasses. The babies will be here Thursday! so this will be the last tweak. also added some silk ivy vnes for extra temporary cover until all the plants fill in. c:
  8. Drowsy

    Terrarium build.

    Anxious for the babies to get here Wednesday, so I shuffled things around and added more plants! uwu
  9. It should live! c: Just make sure the rubberbands are not too tight, as it will make the plant melt.
  10. Drowsy

    I found a Turtle!

    Oh yes, I am quite aware. xD I have helped my fair share across roads. but I am just going off the assumption that she found him in a relatively well developed area as to have larger, dangerous roads. And probably lots of concrete and not so much the habitat they live in. Like we do no find them where I am due to all of the human construction. If she didn't then yes of course she should DEFINITELY return him. either way the poor thing has had a very tough day, haha.
  11. Drowsy

    I found a Turtle!

    It's an eastern box turtle. they are native to the east coast. I doubt he was dumped but I have a feeling people moved him there and left him.
  12. Drowsy

    I found a Turtle!

    What you ahve is prolly full grown. c: He's an Eastern Box Turtle. now, box turtles are different than tortoises. Box turtles are omnivores, he will eat insects as well as greens. Smegyspiren is right, thy will try and get back to their territory no matter what. They make a mental map of their home range and know where to find food year round. But I'm not convinced he was in his home range when you found him. Unfortunately you now have a very determined little turtle on your hands. I would suggest bringing him inside and finding a wildlife rescue to take him to. I think he had already been displaced before you found him by some thoughtless individual and will do best if taken to a rescue.
  13. Drowsy

    I found a Turtle!

    It depends! sometimes turtles are already misplaced when you find them on the road like that. Mostly by children. So they are already lost and in a city and are bound to be killed. I would check local ads before you lose track of him, make sure he wasn't someones pet!
  14. Drowsy

    Terrarium build.

    They haven't arrived just yet! c: But they will be getting here next week. Either Wednesday or Thursday.
  15. Drowsy

    Terrarium build.

    to show how much like her mom Peach looks. uwu I hope she gets as pudgy.