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    White Pearlscale (Pearl) and orange Telescope (Black Moor, Houston)
  1. My entered text got deleted (honestly it was a wall of text) so here's round #2 The dilemma: 4 year old Pearlscale has possibly permanent SBD, needs final tank setup. Water changes: twice weekly (50%) and weekly 75% (3 changes per week total) Filter: Aqueon Quietflow 50gal Tank: 26gal long (custom tank my aunt bought, 34in long) Airstone: 1 large at center of tank I've had these 3 goldfish for 4 years, an orange Telescope and a white Pearlscale. The Tele only had slight ich when I got him and he was an inch long, now he's 6 inches and totally healthy, eating well, etc. The Pearl has always had a load of SB problems. Also when I bought her the pet store employee handled her really roughly and "broke" her fins (basically they're very crumpled and don't stand erect), and it's a problem that has never been sorted out. Never a good swimmer, grew more wide than she did long (only like 4.5 inches long). Thought she was egg-bound at first so did the whole temperature/light regulation thing for a month, then tried out helping her expel eggs (belly stroking over airstone). Then thought there might be a long-time bacterial infection, so ended up giving her an epsom salt bath and quarantining her in a 10gal with 100% water change daily. Anyway, to avoid another wall of text, I'm forced to believe she's just physically deformed. She's a pet store buy from a cramped tank with dozens of poorly-bred fantails and pearls, so I'm just kind of rambling here For the past 3 days I had her on a diet of thawed frozen peas, and she's been kept in a small shallowly-filled storage bin and seems to do really well in there. She's totally upright though isn't swimming much at all (though she CAN swim forward without tipping over which is great), and I've also been treating her with AQ salt with 100% daily water changes. She perked up right as I stuck her in the shallow water (1 inch over her dorsal fin) so I think taking off a loooot of pressure did her well as well with the WC and peas. Anyway, I can't keep her in a bin forever. The Tele is going to be outdoors for the summer only. I'd be okay with keeping the Pearl in the 26gal filled really shallowly, but what am I to do once the Tele is put back? Also she doesn't swim more than 10 inches at a time so it'd be sort of pointless to put her in the big tank? Anyway, thanks for any help. And yell at me if I'm doing anything wrong. I just want my girl to be okay :/ EDIT: I can post pictures of her once I figure out how to. Also sorry if I put this in the wrong forum
  2. Pearlscale isn't growing

    I have 2 goldfish in my 40 gallon long tank. An orange Telescope and a white Pearlscale. In the first 2 months of their lives here they were each 1.5 inches long and living in a 20 gallon tank before I moved them. They're about 3 years old as well. They have an Eheim 68 gallon filter, 0 nitrite, hardly a drop of ammonia as I do 3 50% water changed a week, 100% water change every other Saturday. They are beautiful. My Telescope is always growing, very active, swimming around and always alert. My Pearlscale is much less active, she used to swim around just like Houston but now is mostly listless. She's really stopped growing. In comparison, Pearl's full body+tail length is about 4.3 inches. Houston is definitely 5 inches (maybe 5.1). I noticed that lately when I feed them Houston immediately rises to the top and feeds, but Pearl stays near the bottom and waits to pick off some of the sinking bits (which isn't much), and it's not like Houston eats everything, considering he leaves a sizable amount left. Pearl also is a rather slow swimmer, she's very fat, almost as wide as her body is long. She has crumpled fins due to rough handling at my LFS where I got her ( you employee), but that doesn't impede her swimming Just wondering what's up, I mean you can give me a huge list of things I can answer if you want, or have a massive list of possibilities for why Pearl's messed up like this. Any help is appreciated
  3. Such Manly Humps! XD [Very pic-heavy]

    GORGEOUS FISH!! Under the "whites" picture #4, a beautiful shiny white fish....with a single orange scale. I thought that was so cute! And the calico with the wide-open mouth. You take such awesome pictures, I can never get a clear shot. For me, here's how it goes: take 100000 pictures, delete blurry photos, end up with 1 or 2 good ones
  4. Why are ponds illegal in Maine?

    Weird policy to have.... But I agree with everyone else-- invasive species are probably the culprits. I know some dummies (they'll go unnamed) who have a 2 acre koi fish pond that they heavily planted with anacharis and every type of invasive water plant you could think of....well guess what? To this day it's overrun despite the koi's nibbling and it's gotten into some surrounding ponds from superstorm Sandy. Bad, also, because some of their smaller koi got into those ponds, too. They're trying to get rid of them, but still, they'll probably breed and just invade more. I just think that in order to be able to stock a pond you'd have to take some classes on responsible pond keeping.
  5. What would you do if....

    I SMELL A SHRIMP TANK!!!! Probably a big group of RCS I am a shrimp maniac.....I don't just love shrimp, they consume every thought and action that flows through me LOL. I love them with a burning passion.
  6. The Telescopes

    Wow.....you have such beautiful fish!!! You're making me want Telescopes ........ >
  7. What a weird looking fish!

    But the lfs said shed be ok in there for her whole life! D: They said to feed her Kibbles one time every day, and water changes twice a year! WELL THE LFS WAS WRONG!!!! You are abusing your fish like this!! GET A BIGGER POND ALREADY
  8. The shrimp set up

    AWWW HOW CUTE I love shrimp with a burning passion. Do you have any. Idea. How. Jealous. I. Am. Of. You. Just don't kill me I am going on an emoticon rampage
  9. My Goldfish Art!

    Hehe thanks everyone!!
  10. My Goldfish Art!

    Thanks everyone ^_^ And I have a thing for lines, too....lol Contour lines just make everything so beautiful and shapely, especially you're not too good with shading (well, sometimes I overwork the shading so I stay safe with contour) Here's one I forgot to add before, too. You might find it attractive
  11. My Goldfish Art!

    ...AND MORE. I just couldn't resist. I couldn't resist the horse :3 I just did this one last night....recently I've been painting horses doing human things LOL And some pendants I make..... I just love my horses Sorry for the non-goldfish material, lol I just had to show off xD And any and all thinks that look like they're made in ink, probably ARE made with India Ink....I think everything here painted is made with India Ink. I'm certain that the top 2 are, though. Enjoy
  12. What a weird looking fish!

    I know people hate getting told this, but with a fish this big you NEED A BIGGER POND. Right now you are WAAAAAAY overstocked and your poor fish are suffering: not enough room, not enough oxygen, too much ammonia buildup, etc. Now, that's one huge fish, I don't know what you're feeding it, but you seriously need more room for it. This is for the fish's sake, not yours.
  13. Nerite snails are amazing algae eaters, but they are sensitive to un-cycled tanks and there are a host of other problems that could occur. Not only are they awesome cleaners, but they stay pretty small, they are ADORABLE, and Zebra nerites have the CUTEST shell patterns!!
  14. Hand 'taming' fish?

    When I first got Pearl the itty bitty baby Pearlscale, she was afraid of people. So, on my nightstand next to my bed, I stuck her in a tiny 1 gallon tank and she lived there for a week. During the time she was there, I sat next to her as much as possible. I waved my hands, books, and feet around her, and eventually she was completely desensitized to activity like this. Eventually I could stick my hand in the tank, and she went from panic to curiosity. After that I put her in a 10 gallon tank with her little castle and lots of gravel (Oh, the days where she could swim through the castle door-- the size of a nickel!!!). I think maybe a month later I decided I was going to get a Black Moor goidfish, so my dad and I trooped 45 minutes to Pet Supplies Plus (yep---45 minutes!!) and we picked up a lovely little Black Moor....well all those fantails and Moors happened to be the same fish that were there with Pearl from a month ago-- except the tank wasn't so overstocked, and the fish were slightly worse for the wear. I chose Houston because he was not just beautiful, but also amazingly malnourished and his fins had been ripped and he had some ich. His belly was literally so thin, it was at the maximum of the thinness a goldfish can have.....I'd estimate it to be the width of a quarter's thickness. He was immediately put in the 10 gallon tank where he had MUCH more room, better filteration and aeration, and a non-aggressive buddy who he was all over for mating once he was put in xD Well he's been fattened up to an extreme now, sharing a 20 gallon long tank with little miss Pearl and no other tankmates :3 They're both extremely fat (the fatter the cuter in my opinion) and Houston's mistress (is it appropriate to call her that?!) provides him a lot of what I might call companionship. They seem to have SOME sort of a bond-- at night when they rest on the bottom of the tank, they are always within 5 inches of each other. And as for Houston's tameness? Nada. I never put him in a 1 gallon tank simply because he was too big. He wasn't the tiny little ball of goldfish Pearlyness as Pearl was. So when I do my weekly close up check-up by picking the fish up and holding them at the surface of the water, there is quite a bit of chasing and splashing with Houston. Pearl comes quietly and willingly. So willingly, in fact, that when I clean the tank Pearl follows my hands around and I have to be careful not to hurt her because she gets so close. CUTE!!! Nobody cares, but I love to post stories about my feeshy-feesh ^_^
  15. New jet black ranchu

    AWESOME!!! Beautiful little guy, Ranchus are my favorite, especially the velvety black ones!!! Gorgeous, absolutely stunning ôuô I am soooo envious!!! Good luck with the little fishy-foo....I can't see any eyes, but a sure way to tell is he has them is to take a careful look: if there are deep gaping holes where eyes should be, then he has no eyes. Lol, I hope you don't take that too seriously