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  1. I thought about going bare but I find it can disorientate the fish and it makes the tank look less organic even tho there is an advantage in cleaning i prefer gravel for a few reasons.
  2. The new ownership seems to have many new employees that i've had negative experiences with. But i will give it a try. I haven't been there before it sounds good and i will certainly give it a try i've been to many pet-stores around perth but some how must have missed this one. Thank you all for all your help .
  3. Im so annoyed coz i got a big bag of it and it was $50!!!!! :'( I don't think they will refund either, these days people can find a way to blame you ( like the story of the person robbing a house who sued the person who owned the house because the robber got injured on the premises)
  4. Oh no it did look like there were paint chips when i emptied the bag to clean it. Feeling like a noob who has been conned . I got it from an aquarium shop in Australia Called 'Vebas' (http://www.vebas.com.au/)
  5. Swimming Fry, By the way the fish in your dp is so gorgeous and so is Prof. Chaos :'( RIP
  6. Once my tank is cycled I will most probably get 2 thank you . I might get a larger tank down the track when I can save up the funds and accumulate the experience and knowledge required for a larger tank ( as i would love to one day keep a group of maybe 4/5 adults as they are so social and i have heard they like to be with others but also have the room to grow and live etc..even get the first 2 and then keep them with 2/3 more in a larger tank in a few years. I think its nice to have a goal to work to or an idea of a goal/ dream. But 2 sounds perfect for now and the next few years . I hope I help them thrive and am able to keep them happy
  7. So true . I hope to be involved in Aquarium/Fish Keeping for a very long time as it is wonderful in many respects. I am speaking from the perspective of a past-time or hobby as opposed to a full time occupation. I assume that if i have many external time consuming elements (Job etc...) I wouldn't be able to keep a very large tank but i would like to keep a large enough tank to have a reasonable amount of fish and give them the best environment and treatment I could possibly give. Thank you for your response !
  8. Im new and currently cycling a 120l tank and i'm confused there are many different kits and some say NO3 and NO4 kits and I don't know which one/s to get. At one of my local pet/Aquarium stores they said I only need ammonia and ph but in the information section here is says you need nitrogen testing kit/s as well. So can anyone assist me with this query?
  9. This is a picture of the gravel out of water and the pen is to show the size. Thank you for your help.
  10. What do you think would be the best size of tank to aspire to if you wish to keep Orandas(considering the ideal number of orandas) that isn't out of reach to the average person (income etc)?
  11. I bought some gravel from my local aquarium store and i cleaned it a lot over 2 days as it was making the water very yellow but finally it seemed like it was clean so i put it in my tank and i woke up this morning to a yellow tank water and i dont know what to do. I thaught about going back to the store and asking them about it but i am unable to at the moment so i was wondering if anyone knows what is happening and how i can solve this problem?
  12. Hello ! I'm rearing to go with my new aquarium but i don't want to let the excitement get the best of me, especially in making important fish keeping decisions- so I thought I would ask advice from people who know what they are talking about. I have also consulted reputable information websites on the topics ( not able to find books in my area at the moment but still on the lookout) and pet shop/ aquarium shop staff but i have a few more questions and some that seem to have confusing or varying answers. I call on the knowledge and experience of the forum, people who have kept Orandas or know a significant amount about them. ( I have read many websites ) I have a 120l Jewel Tank and I was hoping to keep Orandas. My Questions are : 1. How any Orandas could/should i keep in this size aquarium ( i have found many confusing and conflicting viewpoints on this topic) 2. How quickly will they grow if they are small (from a pet/aquarium store) 3. what is the best way to vary their diet? (More specific Food pyramid type question) 4. What plants should I have in the aquarium if any? and if any how many? 5. Can you tell what gender they are if they are not adults yet? 6. When is their breeding season in Australia?( because I live in a different place to where most of the information i have) 7. Do they prefer/seem to like to be in community tanks or not and if so what fish are recommended? Thank you so much for your assistance, support and contribution! <3 PS. My tank is exactly like this : 120l Jewel Tank
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