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  1. I am buying the hardness kit from API and my suspicion is that it is fine because my pH does not stray from 7.6 all week. But i would like to have definitive results. I am also getting the seachem prime since it could be useful for future handling/stress. I have aquarium salt just in case too Thanks for the quick replies
  2. what conditioners/salts/trace elements should i use for my new goldfish water? i shouldnt have any chlorine and my pH is about 7.6-7.8. thanks guys im lookin forward to giving this goldfish a good home.
  3. Basically what i am asking is should i consider adding stress coat, aquarium salt, or anything else. There is a lot of support for these products but idk which ones/combinations should be used. There shouldn't be any chlorine in my water, as i get well water, but the pH runs ~7.4-7.6. I understand to do weekly water changes of up to 50% to control nitrates. My filter is working well and ammonia and nitrites are at 0ppm. The reason i am posting here is because my goldfish is not eating much anymore. It is about a month old and appears very healthy. When i bought it from the store it had ick but i knew what it was and treated it quickly and with no problem. I have an aquaclear 70 running at low speed, a marina 100 air pump, and a 150 watt heater keeping the water at 65 degrees. Thanks
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