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  1. Some wild birds around my home

    Wish I had those birds in my area all I get are doves that drive you crazy
  2. What is your Daily Fish Schedule Like?

    5:30 am feed fish 6:00 watch/ clean tanks 12:00 feed small amount of food 4:00 wc's 5-6 trying to do homework/chores whilst watching fish 6:00 feed pellett or veggie
  3. Redid the 75 yesterday.

    Looks good
  4. Revamp!

    Looks good
  5. Leto, the Parrot :)

    congrats parrots are the best
  6. Back From A Funk

    for some reason when i first read it I thought did I miss something big about American Airlines : Oh and Welcome back You betta tanks were always amazing along with your birds
  7. My Pico reef tank journal.

    it looks great
  8. What do you think of this?

    i like it If I had one It wouldn't be in the tank at all times though just for an hour or so once a day
  9. Meet Mocha

    That fish has a beautiful coloring congrats
  10. Tracking was wrong and my package came much earlier than they estimated

  11. My New Additions

    they are cute never seen this variety before
  12. Ms Piggy and her over developed yoop yoop :)

    my pearlie looks super slim now
  13. 60 gallon overlord

    looks good
  14. yay my ebay package went from coming tommorow to coming in three weeks :S they tracking says its on its way to the post office in my town which should only take two to three days at most