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  1. Harry high pants

    Treasure's color change (after only a month!)

    My old oranda did the exact opposite of what Treasure did, he started a gorgeous browny bronze colour and changed over time to a full on gold.
  2. Harry high pants

    6 Years of Ongoing issues with Single Tail

    You could possibly do a treatment in the 55g. I am not sure though
  3. Harry high pants

    My new guys

    Thank you guys for the lovely compliments you have given me
  4. Harry high pants

    My new guys

    I would quarantine but I don't have a 10g to do it with, the tank is a 150 gallon, and the comets are likely to move to the pond over summer
  5. Harry high pants

    My new guys

    I just fixed the link, you can now see all my old fish pics too
  6. Harry high pants

    My new guys

  7. Harry high pants

    My new guys

    I would post individual pictures but that would mean 20+ pictures
  8. Harry high pants

    My new guys

    I just realised the link doesn't work. Here is a link to an album I just made http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/Luke_Harris15/library/My%20fish%20-%20Past%20and%20Present?sort=3&page=1
  9. Harry high pants

    My new guys

    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I am back now and am showing you my new fish, my rarest fish so far is in here as well, on Saturday I turned up at my local pet store and convinced my mum when I saw a blue oranda that I needed it, she was annoyed as she said no more fish after the last death (I still have the old ones but one died and she thinks it is due to tank conditions though everything was perfect) but she turned when I said " if the wen grows perfectly, given its shape , fins and colour, it cold reach thousands of dollars." Considering it was $9.70 (AUD) I had to get it, i also brought a black moor and a ryukin both of which are also gorgeous. I thought I would share the beauty of these creatures with you. http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/Luke_Harris15/library/?sort=3&page=1
  10. Harry high pants

    What am I?

    A beautiful Ryukin, gorgeous hump on it
  11. Harry high pants

    Possibe Death Due to Tank Gravel

    Yeah, I might put him back into the recovery tank when I get home
  12. Harry high pants

    Possibe Death Due to Tank Gravel

    Just released him and he isn't looking much better
  13. Harry high pants

    Possibe Death Due to Tank Gravel

    No external damage found. I have been monitoring the poor thing and it has been getting more and more active which I am happy about.
  14. Harry high pants

    Possibe Death Due to Tank Gravel

    I know he/she isn't a goldfish but he/she is very close to me and I can't stand loosing him/her
  15. Please Help I have just finished a water change and whilst using the siphon a tank gravel sized rock fell on one of my catfish I have left him/her in the tank but in a little tank I have put him/her in so he/she has no chance of being eaten if he/she dies He/she is one of the 6 catfish in with the goldfish and I have already lost 1 goldfish today and don't need/wan't to loose another fish today PLEASE HELP he/she can swim but not very well or far