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  1. Hi everyone, I just purchased a hot glue gun, and was wondering if the glue for those machines were aquarium safe. I want to use it to glue my anubia to rocks.
  2. I know to grow lucky bamboo in a tank it can't be fully submerged, or it'll rot, but I planned on just sticking it in my tank. However, I heard somewhere that the roots are toxic to goldfish if consumed. Is this true? Do I have to put the bamboo in a container with substrate or can I just put it my tank with the roots exposed?
  3. I'm not exactly sure of what you mean by "knob," but thank you for all your help! I have the air pump up and running
  4. It's been an iffy kind of week and I'm just so frustrated right now... That aside, I ordered the tetra whisper air pump along with airline tubing, air stones, and check valves from amazon but I have no idea how to put the thing together.... So here's a picture of all my stuff, the thing that's confusing me the most is that black piece in the middle....I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it....
  5. These are celestials And these are bubble eyes
  6. I really love all the strokes in your goldfish drawings. I have a thing for lines XD
  7. If you live in NYC, you should definitely check out Coral Aquarium and Pacific Aquarium. Good lines I can't assure, but they do carry rare breeds. Pacific Aquariums has larger goldfish that retail for $50 and above that look mostly healthy. Once I saw this really stunning large calico oranda, and the last time I was there I saw a really nice looking large lionhead for $50, and large ranchus for $130. They also have smaller goldfish that they sell for $6, and those can be either a hit or miss. Coral Aquarium has the cheaper prices, and they always have a nice selection, but they generally cram a lot of small goldfish in the little tanks and most of them tend to be sick. Although they also have bigger tanks that aren't as crowded that contain bigger goldfish (Usually Orandas and Ryukins) that are priced between $7-$20.
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