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  1. I would only get a second one if you're ok with upgrading sometime in the future. I have a 29 gallon and wish I would have either gotten a bigger tank, or only stuck with one fish for it. I'm due for an upgrade but It's lasted me a little over a year which is a decent amount of time! Your oranda is adorable by the way! Super great choice!
  2. A ranchu pond is on my bucket list! If you live in FL, you have the perfect climate for one.. Lucky!
  3. Thank you Lisa! I promise I'll post more pictures soon! Thank you! I'm excited to see your pond once it's finished, you'll love it! Thank you! You are so sweet! The pond wasn't too hard to put together, you should build one someday! Thank you so much for your kind words! It's my favorite place to relax! It's very simple and small, but for me, it's perfect. Thank you! I've never had any issues with green or cloudy water, and there's so much water lettuce I doubt I would ever have any issues in the summer with 75% of the surface covered. It's really neat being able to see the fish easily! Thank you Haley! I'm honestly surprised how well it turned out, I was worried it would look weird only having water lettuce but I love it like this now. Thank you so much Koko!
  4. Thank you! Don't be jealous! Thank you Cindi! Yep I'm in California, northern area outside of Sacramento. I actually built this pond last summer so Pumpkin and Pepper have already spent a whole winter outside, they did just fine! We don't get snow or a anything though, winter rarely gets colder than the low 30's. Thank you! ! I will post a puppy update thread in the next couple days, he has grown SO much! Here's a teaser, I took this at the same time as the pond pictures. Thank you so much!! I love to sit on the corner of it and watch the fish and feed them, it's super relaxing. The hen and chicks were a present from my boyfriend, he bought them for me since I always talk about getting real chickens one day. It is a year-round pond, it's been through one winter so far.
  5. Thank you! Thank you Tithra! As soon as the weather got into the 80's consistently, the water lettuce took off! I have been giving buckets of it to my cousin who has a pond, and as you can see, it's taking over again! Thank you Alex!
  6. Thank you so much Shakaho! There's no way I could have done this (or even been brave enough to try) without your amazing pond posts! Thanks! It just worked out to be in the corner like that, it wasn't planned at all. I was pretty excited when it fit there though! It's a Rubbermaid 100 gallon stock tank with a redwood frame, the filter holds about 15 gallons. It's fully stocked with the three Wakin now.
  7. I added Poppy to the patio pond with Pumpkin and Pepper last weekend! She has adjusted wonderfully and it is so cute watching all three of them swim around together. They seem to get along great and love foraging through the water lettuce together and sunbathing in the afternoon. Now, onto the pictures! Poppy and Pumpkin have really taken to one another, they're almost always with each other. Pepper looks so red next to the other two! All three of them were munching on the algae wall together! Their home! The roses are blooming nicely since being re-potted. I need to fertilize the water lettuce more,it's looking a little pale Next time I'll try to get some better pictures, my iPhone is horrible with glare! Thanks for looking.
  8. Wow, I wish I had the space for your calico! Maybe if you have him a few months from now.. I plan on upgrading pretty soon!
  9. Rusty is gorgeous and you have done an amazing job raising him!
  10. I had a BiUbe, which is the 9 gallon tube shaped model. It was purchased as a present for me along with my moor Stoney. It was a terrible goldfish tank, but I replaced it pretty quickly. I cycled it then added a small shoal of cloud mountain minnows, they lived in there for over a year before I moved them to my small tank at work with my beta. They thrived in the BiUbe though and spawned multiple times, especially after big tank cleanings. The cycle held strong the entire time and there was never a surplus of waste. I honestly never had an issue with it as a small tank and I kept it in case I ever want to do something with it again, shrimp and live plants seem like a fun option.
  11. I'm so sorry Chelsea. RIP Elvis.
  12. Do RG photos work? I have some of those of my three Wakin, but I could check and see what I have that I have taken myself. Or try to take a couple more. Here are some RG pics of my bunch. Poppy Pepper Pumpkin
  13. Welcome to Koko's Izzy! What gorgeous tanks you have, and your pond is breathtaking!
  14. It also seems like the tank maintence isnt adeqaute considering the size of fish and tank. If she is over four inches in body length, and in an 18 gallon tank, 10% weekly water changes cannot be enough. She should need well over 50% changed every week. Have you checked the expiration on your nitrate test and are you following the directions exactly? Keeping pristine water is very important during recovery, so these are thing to reassess and consider.
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