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  1. Eevn665

    Baby Betta Growth Blog

    Very nice to read a log. Keep on logging!
  2. Eevn665

    College Students and Bettas

    Thats fantastic! When my class got a goldfish (in a bowl ) they all just stared at it and tapped the glass. Until someone idiot, I mean person, put Germ-X in the water.
  3. Eevn665

    8 Gallon Nano Pics!

    I love nano tanks! My newest infatuation!
  4. "Fish are stupid." "That is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen." "Why not get a real pet?" *facedesk*
  5. Eevn665

    Looking Back At The Beginning

    My first "Experience" with fish was two tiger barbs and a gourami. (Uh-oh already!) They were in a quart "tank" *facepalm* with a divider. The tiger barbs didn't live long, but the gourami lasted a whopping EIGHT years. I did 100% water changes every other day when they where in the tiny tank. Then, when I moved, I got the gourami into a 10 gallon tank. A little better, but it wasn't cycled and there was no filter or heater. He then lived 6 pathetic years in that tank, before he died. My first brush with goldfish, is I had two common and three rosy red minnows in a gallon jar. I did 100% water changes with no conditioner whenever I saw poo because "Poo is really bad for fish, mom!" I remember that I dropped one of the rosy reds, during a water change. I used to empty the jar into the sink, along with the fish. Then I poured cold water from my shower. I used a plastic spoon to get them out, and one day I dropped one, and stood there screaming for three minutes as the fish flopped sadly. I am so glad I now am more knowledgable, and I now do my research. I live very happily with a pretty betta in a 6.6 gallon tank, cycled with a filter and heater When I move to Duluth, I am getting a 30 fancy tank. So excited
  6. I do have hiding places, (thats where my snail sleeps in the morning,), I have Java moss in both corners of the tank where they mostly stay. I should get a picture of my tank up, so you guys can see if it has enough hiding places. Thanks for your kindness
  7. So I was cleaning up my betta's (Herobrine.) tank and I sat down to watch him for a while. My smallest ghost shrimp swam up to the surface to chill on top of my aponogeton. Herobrine went over to him and nipped him. I disregarded this, he thinks everything at the surface of his tank is food, I thought he would stop. He nipped him again and I watched, horrified and shocked, to see him continue attacking him. He then sank down to the bottom, a couple legs missing, and Herobrine attacked him until he stopped moving. I am horrified. He showed no agression whatsoever to any of my shrimp, and suddenly he kills one. I am keeping a close eye on him, the remaining three are larger then the one that was killed. How could he do this? He doesn't get food on Sundays, but I don't think he was hungry. I am very shocked and tramatized to see him die in front of me. I really feel sick. RIP little guy. Sorry I couldn't stop it.
  8. Thanks I'll look into the AquaClears. Yes, I've cycled my betta tank. I don't think I can seed it with what I have now (I need to get rid of everything), so I will probably just have to cycle it the old fashioned way.
  9. So, the title made no sense...XD Anyway, I'm moving to Atlanta which is 2,000 miles away from where I am. I cannot take Herobrine (my betta), or my tank. That really, really, bums me out. I will have to sell both. I'm probably going to cry = (. But, I have done my math, and turns out I can afford a goldfish tank. I spent $50 on plants and substrate and $15 for a heater. I'm not getting either of those (maybe some sprigs of Anarchis [sp?] or hornwort), and I'm going bare bottom. Thats $65 dollars less (I can do math!), and although I need a bigger tank, and a bigger-er filter, I can fit it in with the money I am selling my tank. That thrills the heck out of me . So, I am very slighly experienced and is moving on to goldfish. Will there be a drastic increase between difficulty if I was just on a betta? I know bubble-eyed and celestials are oober sensitive, but what about telescopes? I love telescopes, and moors too. Are they a good starter? Or an oranda? Pretty adorable, but I do prefer telescopes. I'm guessing pearscales are hard, a shame since they are so danged cute. Another thing is, that I need a good filter reccomended to me. I read the boxes carefully, and I am having a hard time finding the right GPH. It's 10x the water volume for normal fish,and 20x for goldies? I am getting a 20 gallon (of course.) and I've looked at a filter for a 75 gallon that does only 310 GPH, which is kinda sad (anyone know why the GPH on filters is so small?) Canisters frighten me, and I don't think I can afford it. Thanks for enduring my questions I'm not sure this is in the right section, I'm sorry if it's not.
  10. OK, and also (sorry for the many questions), how is Prime dosed? As in, how many drops/ml to how much water? I'm only changing 3 gallons, I don't want 10 gallons worth of conditioner in each gallon. Do I just divide? ^_^"
  11. Excellent, thanks so much. I'll try to pester my parents to taking me to my LFS. Is there a safe way of lower my pH? Just a little, I want to keep it above 7 for my snail.
  12. Tetra Bettasafe, supposedly good for betta's.
  13. No, I dosed ammonia in the tank while cycling, and a couple hours later there was no ammonia or nitrite just a lot of nitrate.