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  1. the water is still cloudy. i thought the problem might have been I was keeping it too clean with the suggestion of bacteria bloom, or now do i do more water changes? sigh.
  2. i see. i still have the smaller one in there which i thought might accommodate for that, and i hadn't changed any (thrown any away) previous to that when the cloudiness started. i change about 20 - 30 % of the water at a time. i've never heard of a bacterial bloom before! can anyone enlighten me?
  3. hello i changed the water and the filter pads last night and took out a couple of plants but the water hasn't cleared up. i generally clean it once every 7 - 10 days. i feed them a few pinches of pellets (that have been soaked) in the mornings and then give them a treat in the evening (like blood worms or brine shrimps or shelled peas occasionally). could it be a nitrate problem? i'm going to get a testing kit tomorrow (will try to get the API freshwater one suggested)
  4. no it doesn't dissapear when the lights are on. the fish do appear to be gasping a little more than usual too :/
  5. i have sand and real plants. about 8 or 9 of them. also to answer previous questions yes i just wash the filters and filter pads out in the tank water. it's also a sort of white cloud, making the fish harder to see rather than many bubbles.
  6. hello! right, OK. i do have a PH tester but not nitrates or amonia. should i get some? the smaller filter is a Fluval U1 and the other larger filter came with my 110 liter Jewel aquarium so I'm not sure of it's name. Its a tiered filter system. The water conditioners I use are Tetra Aquasafe and Easybalance and API Stress Zyme. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! I have a question about cloudy water. I have a 110 litre tank with 4 juvenile fancy goldfish. The tank has 2 filters, one with a 4 tier system. I change the water and clean the tank and filters out regularly but after a couple of days the water turns cloudy. I've had 3 of the fish for about a year now and one since Christmas, which is when I got this tank. This has only just started to happen recently though. Any help would be great. Thanks. Salso
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