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    One happy fish with a lot of room to swim ^^
  1. Horror at Walmart

    Aww, they are SO pretty !
  2. Update on my tank and fish

    YES! Thank you ^^ Thank you! Do you have experience with them? Aww, thank you so much ^^ THANKS a lot ! Hehe, thanks ^^ Yes, he's almost RED thank you
  3. My baby budgies!

    HAHAA !!! That made me laugh!!! Are your budgies tamed? Are old are they? I bet they are so cute too! They're super-tame!! In '08 my cockatiel died, and since I'm allergic to 'tiels, my mom bought me a budgie, and on Christmas day I ran to the Christmas tree only to find a BIRD CAGE with a cover on it, and I heard a little birdy inside scuttling around He was about 3 months old at the time, and the whole Christmas vacation from school I spent taming him and becoming friends with him. Then in March of '09 my uncle brought another budgie to my house, this time a female. A little boy (4 years old) was expected to completely care for the bird, but he ended up neglecting her and abusing her. She came in a canary cage terrified and biting, but she warmed up to me when she learned I was a person, but I was a FRIENDLY person, lol. So now Angel is 3 years old, Skye is about 2 years and 8 months old They're so friendly and happy-go-lucky and they sing like CRAZY! Angel can talk, but he only says ridiculous noises and "words" I taught him He speaks fluent Budgie xD Sometimes when he sings it sounds like there are 10 budgies in the room! And when they're out of their cage they go nuts climbing all over me, preening me, Skye trying to nest in my hair But I LOVE THEM!!! Hehe you're winding me up! AWW what a cute story ! Birds are amazing pets!
  4. Update on my tank and fish

    Okay, some of you might remember that I had 2 fish in Qt ... Well sadly they didn't make it... Good news is my Bf got me a new fish and it succesfully made it throught his/her first weeks, in fact we have had him/her for about a month now. This fish is very energetic and show no signs of illness, which is such a great feeling after all I've been through with my past fish. So here is our baby Wakin (called Kimmie); I know this littlle guy needs a lot of space, so he is on its own (and seems happy) in my 26 gallon. When he grows bigger I'm ready to get a new tank or find someone who has a pond. Tell me what you think ^^
  5. update on the new guys

    They're all gorgeous! But your chubby ranchu made me AWWWW
  6. Bird forum?

    OOOH than you very much
  7. Bird forum?

    Does anyone know about a great (of course, never as great as Koko's...) forum concerning pet birds, budgies ...? Where I could ask my questions about them? Thanks !
  8. My baby budgies!

    HAHAA !!! That made me laugh!!! Are your budgies tamed? Are old are they? I bet they are so cute too!
  9. My baby budgies!

    Aww, I like it! Ty so much I will consider it
  10. My baby budgies!

    Aww, thank you everyone!
  11. My baby budgies!

    The manager from where I work used to have 3 or 4 budgies in a cage, and told me she only had one remaining, as the others escaped... (she left the cage outside and the wind blew and...yes I know.) Long story made short, I decided to adopt her lonely bird (I thought of getting into the birdy world before - this was just a great occasion). A few days after, I got a second one, a baby. So here is my Eddy, 3-4 years old little boy: (The cage was on the floor for the first day until I find an appropriate stand) And this is my baby bird, no name yet (I still can't tell if she/he is a boy or girl) I am going to upgrade my cage very soon - I want to provide them with the best care as possible. Any suggestions (even for naming the baby) are welcomed ^^
  12. Goldfish drawings. Interested?

    AWW wow! You're amazing at drawing *jealousy* Seems like you have lors of requests already, but if sometime you need a fish as a model, I have a fish to never be forgotten that would make a pretty drawing
  13. Your fish are all very pretty, and they look big!