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  1. lol! You should have gotten pictures!
  2. btw - posted a note on my video about the anubias, and just stuck the rhizome in my faux driftwood for now. Thanks again dnalex
  3. Thanks for the CC dnalex! Yeah - I need to learn to be patient with the QT process, and I suppose the same can be said about the plants. I'll get that anubais issue corrected tomorrow - thanks for that. I'll need to grab something to anchor it down. About the well kept tank - Thanks!
  4. wow...such beautiful ranchu's.......amazing...
  5. Check out my latest video! I chat about my new Ranchu, and do a how to on setting up plants in the aquarium Be sure to watch it on 1080p! oh - and the best part....my ranchu was only 25 bux! No shipping either
  6. @HIDR - Thank you!!!!! i'm not sure how i missed that section!
  7. What types of fish can be kept with goldfish? I have a comet, ryukin, shubunkin and oranda. I've heard that you can't mix tropicals with goldfish, but i've seen quite a few folks do it. so whats acceptable?
  8. To be honest, i'm not really sure. I've always seemed to have fine bubbles come from my wands - It must be the type of pump i'm using.
  9. you're not making it easier for me to stay away from CL, looking for bigger thanks, lol. Looks great!
  10. Me too! Fantastic names LOL, and here I was, thinking I was the only one
  11. lol....i was JUST looking at the pearl's on rain garden thinking the exact same thing.
  12. mine typically hide at first, but within an hour they're out exploring.
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