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  1. that was my thoughts exactly, worrying about the feeding. But if I use sinking foods it might just work, the guy in the pet shop fed many loaches in a goldfish tank, the goldfish ate the food that was at the top and sinking, and the loaches ate all the food that reached the bottom! It was epic...also my fish are ryukins, so they are not as fast and beastly like the single tailed goldfish when it comes to feeding xD
  2. Ive done alot of research but most average care sheets indicate that they prefer colder water, like goldfish, prefer a sandy substrate, mainly feed at the bottom, and prefer to stay in groups. also it says the minimum tank size is the same size as my tank which is currently cycling, so im wondering if it would be alright to add two. they just look so cool ever! :'( I even bought sand sbstrate in my new tank with them in mind.
  3. everything britain has, the US has it better, and more!
  4. Hmm, interesting. by the way, on day 1 i put some fish food in, its day 4 tomorow, when can i expect to get some ammonia readings? is there any other foods that i could put into the water that would cause ammonia?
  5. Hello there, Is a 127 litre tank with two goldies and two weather loaches okay?
  6. So many fish foods so little time lol The saki hikari sounds awesome, £11.90 for 200g isnt bad, considering it goes a real long way, I have had my bag of 100g hikari for over half a year now hehe. I will definatly buy it! thanks for this info! im glad i foundthis forum, getting help from every direction rather than going on yahoo answers lol
  7. The test kit I have is the interpet 'easy test'..it includes ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and ph...the test uses tablets dropped into the vial thing, is this any good?...the problem is I have lost the colour chart, but the colour chart pics online should work too or?
  8. Wango

    Varied diet?

    i will defo try this! thanks again hehe
  9. Hmm hikari seems popular then! i was wondering if there there is a sinking hikari pellet? If there is, i could probably find some at maidenhead aquatics!
  10. Hmm makes sense, thanks for your help, it all makes sense now! Is there a specific ingredient percentage of stuff that i should check on a tub of pellets or flakes to make sure they are healthy?
  11. this sounds immense! I added my tank masurements to two different calculator sites, and they both gave me 127 litres. I have two filters in my cycled tank, one which is a filter/sir pump...and the other just a basic filter, So if i put the basic filter into the cycling tank, it will cycle it much faster!? also the new aquarium filter that is cycling is just a huge basic filter, pretty old, nothing special hehe am i doing the correct thing by adding some fish food to the tank?
  12. Wango

    Varied diet?

    ahh i see, is that without skin or?
  13. Hello there, My ryukin sometimes floats, and stays stuck at the surface, and sometimes floats upside down (rarely) for a second or two. I thought he had swim bladder, but then I noticed he only floats late in the day (after feeding times have passed). So It lead me to believe that he gets bloated easily, because my oranda does not float like him. I started to research what could be wrong, and then I noticed white string of poop left by him for a couple of days and I got worried, because the other month my smallest oranda died from dropsy after having white string poop. So I quickly fed him more peas than usual, and now after a week or so he has stopped pooping white and has stopped floating altogether, and is now more interactive and more exited to see me than ever before! (i think he knows i am cycling his new tank, he can see it across the room, hehe) did the peas cure him? thanks.
  14. now that....is an idea! My main filter has two sponges inside, a white one and a black one. will it do any harm if i take out the black one and add it to my cyclying aquarium filter!? it all makes sense now! thankyou!
  15. Wango

    Varied diet?

    hmm, now thats an idea...I will do it!!
  16. Hello there, my goldfish (ryukin and oranda) have been in a small tank now and finally I have managed to buy a bigger tank for them. I have a 4ft (length) fish tank now and I have started to cycle it. I filled it up with water, added a sand substrate, put some new rocks in, set up the filter, air, heater etc. I turned the heater up to about 85F, and I have added little bits of fish food into the tank to create ammonia, I put in some bogwood from my current aquarium to add some bacteria, I got the filter sponge from my current aquarium (i have two filters) and squished the sponge all in the water and made it cloudy and murky filled with bacteria! its day 3 now...what do I do next...when should I test for ammonia? How do I test when the water is ready for my fish? do I just test the nitrate levels and Ph? thanks
  17. Wango

    Varied diet?

    Hi there, I currently have two goldfish, one is a calico ryukin, and the other is a white goldfish cross between a single tail goldfish and a red cap oranda. I have been feeding my fish floating hikari oranda gold floating pellets for some time, and have decided to make them happier and healthier I will vary their diet, So I am planning to change the floating pellets to JBL premium sinking pellets for goldfish, also right now I feed them peas often, I am also planning to buy JBL granovert plant food to give them more vegetation and of course I also feed them tubifex worms, blood worms etc (for treats). Is this a good varied diet for them?
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