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  1. will they be a decent size when they fall off? or will they be so small i will lose them? :'( ehe thanks
  2. hi there, I have had java fern for about 1 month now, and one of the bushes is producing new plants, I think i counted 3 earlier, i can see the roots coming off the end of the leaves and one them about 2 weeks old has started to grow a small leaf, what do i do with it? will it fall off and get lost to the filter, or will it stay there untill its big? I dont want to lose the baby leaves ><
  3. I have bought only 2 moss balls in my time, when i put the mboth i nthe tank, one of them was dmaaged, like, quatre open and missing, the goldfish tore this one to peices so i threw it out. the other one however, had no damage, and they have not destroyed it, it has got like quatre missing from random picking over the year I have had it, so its all good, they are very kewl hehe.
  4. Yea I give them peas also hehehe....cooked right?
  5. Hello there, My bigger loach eats everything I give him...so do my goldies. but the slightly smaller loach seems to like different things at different times, is this normal? Usualy every morning when i put in sinking pellets, he shoots straight over to the most open part of the tank with the bigger loach and they scoff many pellets, but today (and a few other times) he stopped searching for them, so i decided to feed him by hand, and he still spat it out... the loaches are fed sinking pellets, bloodworms (the small one gets them by hand), and I used to put algae wafers in there but the little one didnt eat them, only the big one :'(, why is the little one fussy?
  6. ehheheehheehehhehehehehhe
  7. thanks mr.b...hehehe.....I bought my loaches from pets at home, in the UK pets at home is a shop that rarely sells cool fish like weather loach, but for once they actually had some in!! i wasn't able to choose my weather loaches, because they are just so fast haha. thaanks shawnee egegge xD
  8. eheheh thanks, The fins are healing now, slowly but surely hehehe. I think one of the fins has healed completely now ehehe.
  9. An oranda single tail cross breed..with super long flowing fins, with white shiny scales and a cute yellow head!! oh wait..that is my fish!! agagaga xD
  10. Nothing sharp in the aquarium...Should i buy some special meds ? melafix? to help him heal?
  11. the rocks are not sharp at all :'( and only my white fish has them now, the other one is fine, just the white one keeps getting splits and splits :'( im going pets at home later, should i buy melafix just in case? I wont dose yet of course
  12. OH oh ...last night i saw pics of fish with 'tail rot' and they had tons of splits, no fungus or redness..just splits, just like my fish :'(
  13. there is nothing sharp I think...there is a slate rock that is thick and has rounded edges....But, there is two rocks that are coral looking and have loats of holes n stuff, i will investigate these rocks.
  14. everything is same as before, I done yet another water change today and now nitrite is 0 so as ammonia, nitrate is 10 or below. The fins are getting more splits on the tail and now on the pectoral fins, there is no fungus (my mistake). Just split split splitting ###### it and they are getting longer. Should i buy melafix or something?
  15. Okay...today i noticed ANOTHER split in the white goldfish tail!!! but this time...the split has a white fungus looking area, It must be fin rot no? should I dose?
  16. Thanks hehe, but now my white one has fin rot i think :'( i will speak in other post hehehe
  17. The white one is famous now hehehehe...It is 130L 4 ft across hehe
  18. thanks xD hehehehe...the white one used to be red head, but he is more cool with yellow now xD haha
  19. Just a short vid of my goldfish hehe
  20. Well i just got a basic filter, no advanced stuff, so it isnt very good at sucking up poop from the other side of the tank ...but this turkey baster, i never would have thought!...definately gonna buy one ! thanks guys hehe
  21. Nope these poops are not long at all, they are just chunky hahaha...plus i have sand subsrate, it really doesnt look good.
  22. Le fish are about 3 inches...and im feeding normal routine, small ammount of pellets in the morning...small ammount of other pellets in late afternoon, and some peas in the evening every other day. Its just not kool for the fish to eat things from the floor and surface of the water when there are huge poops floating about haha
  23. Okay guys every once in a while there is some huge peices of poop floating around the tank, it isnt nice, especialy when im trying to feed the fish. I have been getting the bits i see out wit ha net, is this cool? hehe
  24. This sounds awesome hehehe...once i had a skull in my aquarium when i was a kid, and i left the airpump inside there, and every hour or so there wud be a huge explosion of bubbles haha, I wonder if it could have floated?
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