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    Java fern

    hehehe awesome, also...one bush, is growing sprouts and has plain green elaves....but the other bush, the bigger one, has no sprouts and is full off brown spored underneath the leaves..O.o why is it like this, i didnt know there are two different kinds of reproduction or some stuff
  2. Wango

    Java fern

    awesomeee!!! when the youngens come off...are they exxtra fragile? or can i just go ahead and tie them onto more wood?
  3. Okay, my java fern sprouts have started developing leaves on the roots and stuff, i have spotted about 5 new plants growing all at once, after they come off, will more grow, or is it gonna stop? :'(
  4. I love loachey hehe...the coolest pet i ever had!!!
  5. wht about weather loach? they are chubby and cute ehehhe
  6. from outside the tank when i play with my fish, my big loach comes to see my hand and fingers, acting silly...but the little loach gets scared and swims away fast. but inside the tank, the little one climbs in my hand, but the big one swims away fast... O.o strange hehehe
  7. why are the dojos illegal? they are not predatory fish and do not like to eat plants id imagine :S so whats the problem? lol
  8. when i had an airline (now gone_ my goldfish got stuck upside down under it, he was stuck there chubby and helpless untill i found him hehehe
  9. gonna file down any tips, sort it out, and attatch the fern hehehe
  10. I have bought a cool peice of driftwood from eBay...its an arch shape, and it has branch bits, i am gonna tie java fern to these branches and make a badass looking tree xD i cant wait for it to arrive ehehehe
  11. My goldfish know that i am their feeder, so when i fiddle about with te top of the tank, they come straight to the surface and they take food from my fingers hehe, i guess it takes time for them to get used to you, they are dman intelligent, also, i hand feed my weather loach all the time hehehe.
  12. i love hollow ornaments! but i vowed to keep my aquarium natural looking :'(
  13. I want my aquarium to be col for my 4 fish, right now i have java fern for them, and I also have 1 marimo moss ball which that loches like playing around. I am planning to buy about 5 more marimo moss balls... I was wondering, does anybody know of any other cool things that i could put in the aquarium?
  14. Pure ryukins, i mean with the big body shape, big hump and huge fins...are very strong fish. so when they harass another fish, it can be quite damaging to the other fish (bubble eyes, black moors, ranchu etc). but every fish is different, if a strong ryukin is used to being with a black moor or a bubble eye fish, they will have no problems, but if u introduce them to one another when they have not seen another type of fish, it could be lethal hehe.
  15. True i have seen pretty big clown loaches in the stores hehe. they would outgrow all the caves! hehe
  16. awesome thanks!! hehe when i woke up othis morning to switch on the lights, i noticed that there are 4 new java ferns growing on the same bush! i didnt notice them specificly before, why are they all coming so fast and sudden, does it stop? this is awesome!
  17. I wish i could get kuhli loach, imagine that hehehe
  18. epic!! xD...also, its cool that we can see their organs when they are in the light haha
  19. after having loaches for 1 month, i guess i can answer hehehe. people say they should be kept in groups, but two is fine, my loaches are very happy, they play with each other, swim at all levels of the tank and follow each other often for fun, they do not spend all day together, mine like to go in different parts of the tank all day and only meet up when its bedtime hehehe. Also, I am the same as you, I have two loaches and two fancy goldfish, my tank is 130 litre. the loaches are very small, about 2 inches and 3 inches, so its okay now, my water quality is perfect with 30% water change every 3 days. note that loaches can get to about 30cm but I have learned they can get even bigger than that! So just make sure you have the options to get a bigger tank in future, otherwise it wont be good when you have two huge fancies and two huge loaches lol. also, I must say, if u do get loaches, change the substrate to sand, they like to dig in the sand and hide under it and thrash about into it, it is also good for their skin. they cannot do any natural behaviour in pebbles also pebbles can damage their mouth barbels and it isnt good for their tummy.
  20. I highly reccomend weather loach, they are just like goldfish when it comes to requirements and care. I bought two small weather loach for the first time, the first few days my goldfish harassed them and tried to eat them because they was not used to seeing another species of fish. but now, they are best of friends and swim together, its the best decision i ever made hehehe. But take note, weather loach can get pretty big, so think of future upgrade if your tank isnt big enough. I have a 130 litre 4 foot aquarium with two fancies and the two small loaches, but in the future, I will get an even bigger tank hehe.
  21. Hi, i just wanna talk about loaches for a sec. Who has had them before? and what was their character like? I have two, the bigger one is brave and roams the whole tank, but when I put my hand in the tank and go near him, he shoots away quicker than lightning, even when i offer him bloodworms, he is not used to me. But my other loach, he is smaller, and tends to stay at the planted side of the tank, when i put my hand in the tank he comes to my hand and climbs in my hand and i can play with him at feeding time and feed him worms hehe. Did your loaches do this? its so kewl that they have different personalities.
  22. True, i thought so. just wanted to make sure hehe. thanks
  23. Ouuuu sounds cool! I cant wait to collect them all and make a new bush xD my loaches love to play in the fern, especial the little one, he follows the leaves untill the bush ends hehe. Also, in one of my bushes, it has alot of brown, dead loking leaves, as if they have been vut off the top? :S is this normal? are they dead or something?
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