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  1. Thanks guys! hehehe
  2. Groovy hehehe. I am going to create this gel food soon... My ryukin is getting worse to the point where he is now floating on his back!! I had to pick him up and help him cos he got stuck under the filter... This ends now!
  3. Okay i understand now hehe. and what about this Lactobacillus Acidophilus...do u guys use this?
  4. and is this a good recipe? I only want something simple. http://dataguru.org/misc/aquarium/GelBabyPeas.html
  5. Why do we use baby peas instead of normal frozen peas? when we use gelatine, what for should I get, leaf sheet, powder or?
  6. True hehehe, my camera sucks :'( i wish i could take cool pics if them, I hope her growth rate slows down soon lol
  7. As you all know i bought two little weather loaches, one bigger than the other, i think the bigger one is female as she is a fatter from the back..i mean really fat and chubby! Well that's the normal part, but this loach wont stop growing, I know she is not full size yet, but i didnt think loaches are meant to grow at such a fast rate! When I bought her she was about 3 to 3.5 inches...3 months later and she has now grown over 4 inches and is nearly 4.5 inches...Did anybody elses loaches grow this quick? I feed JBL goldpearl pellets...Cooked peas...and bloodworms. she is mega!
  8. There are some things you should not risk if you care for your fish. Keep them to tropical tanks.
  9. Wango

    Gel food

    How to make gel food? hehe
  10. Wango

    Ryukin floating

    this gel food sounds interesting? what are usualy the main ingredients?..is there a guide here? im just sick of seeing him float on anything he eats ><
  11. My ryukin still floats all day just from eating some pellets in the morning!!...I thought it was hikari that did this..but now jbl is doing it too... ¬_¬ what am i to do? feed 3 pellets at a time or something?
  12. hehehe xD thanks, in my fish shop today i saw BLACK loaches!!! i never saw this before...they were really dark grey, with black spots, ###### awesome hehe. I might get one like that when i upsize xD
  13. why dont u secretly buy some more? ehehehehe
  14. I made a new video, the little loach was hiding for a long time, so when he finally came out the big loach was exited to see him at last hehe.
  15. True...they look so wild xD i love the patterns
  16. This is a wild caught one from a river in denmark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFa0zljDGSI
  17. Anyone ever seen or had one of these before? from what ive learned they are not that common in aquaria. also, from research it seems they would be just like the weather loach in an aquarium, only smaller. they look so awesome!!!
  18. Hi hehe. as you all knew I bought 2 young loaches the other day...my little one is about 2 1/2" and the other one was about 3 inches...but now, he is creeping up to 4 inches within just 2 months since i got him!? he is having a growth spurt or something, why is this happening? is it healthy? I suspect this is because, now he is in a bigger tank, and there are less fish around him. any views on this? heeheh
  19. heheehheehehhe xD my loacheys have lazy days and active days.
  20. this is awesome...ive always wanted guppy tank :'(
  21. that would be cool..u wont have to pay for them haha xD
  22. Wango

    Java fern

    epic! thanks hehehe
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