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  1. Thanks for this, I am just happy he died in my hands and not alone.
  2. You mean digger? I am sorry for your loss..it is just so terrible feeling.
  3. Since fish gills have to move...and his gills haven't moved in over an hour now..I am guessing he has passed?
  4. I want to bury him now but he has just died, it feels strange to do it so soon.
  5. Thanks, you guys are correct, I know i should have done this and should have done that...but i wont let it happen again now that I have the right meds.
  6. As you all know lemon ahs had dropsy for the past week and I tried to cure him in vain. I just got back from the cinema and i found him even mroe swollen, with red blotches on his stomache, he was tipped on his side. I knew that this was it...He was gasping slower than before, So i held him in my hands untill his last breathe, It took about an hour. When i was holding him stroking his head, he had one last gill movement and i noticed his mouth was no longer opening, his gills had stopped. He twitched a few more times before finally passing over. Even though he died, I am happy that i was with him in the last moments, something we can rarely do.
  7. He was swimming around earlier wuite a bit, and trying to sift through the gravel... This is the first time i have seen him do this since he became ill, could it mean he is getting better? (although the swelling hasnt ceased)
  8. Ok i shall order now... btw, My fish has got even more swollen..its like the epsom salt or heat isnt doing anything at all!! Did i add too little salt or what? When whitey had dropsy, the heat made him decrease in size rapidly.
  9. I found some in greece...http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metronidazole-250mg-20-Tablets-Aquarium-Fish-Antibiotic-AntimicrobialsFree-Ship-/251062003542?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a74762756#ht_1973wt_954 would this stuff be good?
  10. Thought so. well this sucks ><
  11. would this stuff work?? http://www.petsathome.com/shop/interpet-internal-bacteria-100ml-25611
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhJz73TnseE&feature=youtu.be Here he is now
  13. i have been doing big water changes daily... so the ammonia is non-existant on the test..same with nitrites...but nitrate is at a good level, I have been feeding him little (when he accepts it).
  14. Well its 10.5 gallons ^^ And I have an interpet power filter..the one that blows lots of bubbles
  15. Lemon keeps gasping fast....whitey did not do this, what kind of disease would make the fish gasp like this? its almost a if he has no air (he is bottom sitting and he has alot of aieriation)
  16. Is there a way to get this from UK? If i order from here...It would take at least 2 weeks before getting here...too late of course. Let me search, he just looks worse everyday now.
  17. It is day 2 of epsom salt treatment and If anything he has got even more swollen :'(. does this stuff look any good? http://www.discounte...Z-UKP69844.html is it that Metronidazole stuff?
  18. i can see hehe what does it do?
  19. It has been about 6 hours since salt added...I dont see any shrinkage :'(..i fear for the day to come. just like when whitey was ill
  20. how long should it take for the salt to deflate him?
  21. thnks for all ur help! Btw I do have a 10 gallon aquarium set up ^^ the water is 80 he has been in there 2 days now.
  22. Correct my friend xD But in future if you upsize..i highly recommend them...the two weather loaches i recently bought are the best money i have ever spent! I love them!
  23. I used epsom salt. Only ingredient is magensium sulphate. How often do I use it? I know i must replace the salt removed from water changes.
  24. I have just added a 1/4 teaspoon of salt!
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