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  1. Honestly I don’t weigh or measure, I watch them carefully. Measuring is more important for surgery than euthanizing. I usually start with 1/2 teaspoon clove oil in a gallon of water and swirl it around. I add the animal and wait until they go still and their breathing looks a bit slowed down. Then I add another 1/2 teaspoon of the clove oil and wait until I see no movement at all, about five more minutes. I’d they’re still moving after 5 minutes in the little clove oil water bucket I add another 1/2 teaspoon, and continue in that fashion until I see zero movement. Then I leave them for half an hour to make sure all brain function has ceased. Oftentimies when they’re not moving their gills they are still ‘there’, just numb and with depressed respiration, so time is what helps them pass after that point. It’s very gentle but takes a little time. I’m sorry, I know it’s so hard to talk about when it’s a beloved friend Sometimes it’s the best choice though, especially if they’re not doing well and you don’t have the energy or ability to help alleviate it beyond What you’ve already done.
  2. Here is the thread and video, most of her vids live under the ‘Treatments’ sub forum of this disease forum
  3. I keep the tank at the .3% level the entire quarantine time if they’re tolerating it well. Should be 4-ish weeks at a minimum for the quarantine, but you can stop the salt after two weeks if you’ve warmed the water up. The warmer water shortens the life cycle of any parasites, so keeping it in the 78-82 degree range with really good circulation and surface area is ideal.
  4. Well I’d have euthanized him years ago, you’ve given him a great life even with his various disabilities, and it’s really your call. But if you cannot manage treatment and he looks worse then I’d say euthanizing is probably better at this point, since dropsy has set in and that is painful for the animal. Nobody can make that choice for you, though. Let me know if you need tablet dosages, otherwise I will leave this here. Hugs and best wishes!
  5. Yes, you want both since we don’t know precisely what is going on - one gram positive and antiparasitic and one gram negative, and broader spectrum.
  6. We would order and dissolve it in water, based on the tank volume of wherever you end up treating him. I can calculate the amount per liter once you get it.
  7. Well, in terms of bacterial blooms, did you skip filter maintenance or have any nitrate spikes? From your data it just sounded like a diet change, but if your routine got lax that could be a possible cause. You haven’t provided any pictures and I’m not there, so there is only so much I can guess at based on history and what is reported here. I’m not sure what the fastest med source for you is, maybe eBay? It sounds like treatment isn’t something you have the energy or time for now, though. Big boo on the tank cracking, that’s a terrible mess when it happens and very stressful
  8. Well, my standard dropsy treatment is metro + kanamycin or metro + ocytetracycline for two weeks in warm, clean water. The kanamycin is harder on the organs but still generally fairly safe. If you think you’re dealing with organ failure with his age, though, I’d be tempted to go on to Angels Plus and buy the oxy instead. And honestly I give it a 30% chance the meds work simply because he is older, weakened from not eating, and there isn’t an environmental cause whereby aeromonas or a similar bacteria could have taken hold. But I know you want to try, so that’s what I’d do. Ten gallon hospital tank with an air stone, warm (78-82 degrees if he can tolerate it), and do a 100% water change and redose the meds each evening to keep things as clean as possible and his stress very, very low.
  9. No rules, I think this one is just very generally chatting and sharing, especially since the site has been quiet lately with a lot of us having real life interferences. Thank you for the well wishing! I’m excited, though I had an exhausting day with four different appointments 😵
  10. Oh no I don’t think it’s anything you caused. He might have been fussy with the diet change but if he had the hikari the whole time and just recently stopped eating it I’d say that points to something else being the issue. I’d give the bloodworms as a last ditch effort, but I really don’t think throwing anything else at this makes sense with what you describe. He just doesn’t have enough other symptoms to make an actual acute infection of some sort make much sense.
  11. Welcome back! What’s up lately?
  12. Also, is he still pooping at all or has that pretty much ended at this point? Sometimes they will hang on for a long time grazing on algae and plants even when fish food isn’t interesting, so that might potentially be something if he is showing any interest in his environment still?
  13. Ha, I remember some of the nitrate drama. I’m glad he is doing so well considering your crappy water source. I really think some are just way more sensitive to nitrate and the big swings than persistent but stable levels 😆 Did the refusal time eat start after the repashy ran out or are those not at all coincided? That’s all I can think of, diet change not making him happy. Can he be induced to eat with blood worms or garlic soaked food? Honestly I’d suspect old age too, especially if you see no change in activity or clamping, no extra fin degradation, etc. I’d be okay letting him go on his own if he seems otherwise comfortable, but it’s really your call. I’m not seeing anything that would explain it.
  14. Thank you ladies! I have some specialist follow ups today to figure out the plan going forward and the severity of the issue in a practical sense, and what it might change about this birth. Hoping for the best! Did I say I found out I’m having another boy? That was one upside! I kind of wanted a girl just because I’m out of boy names I like (lamest reason ever right?!) but I’m so excited! This will be my fourth son and third boy in a row! He happened to be spread eagle to the ultrasound probe and I told the hospital tech I really wanted to know this time and if she had an inkling to tell me 😂
  15. It can have a lot of causes, but usually it’s just shallow placental veins or mechanical trauma. We don’t know yet which one is which for me. On the upside I’m waiting in the lobby to go home and sleep for the first time in two days. Woohoo!
  16. Suspected appendicitis, but it turns out I just have a partial placental abruption, which isn’t great. They’re thinking that caused the pain and now we are watching it very closely to make sure it isn’t getting bigger.
  17. I’ve been in the ER since 3 am. Sigh.
  18. If it was still powdered I’d use it, but I’m not sure the liquid wouldn’t lose efficacy - prazi pro is remarkably finicky.
  19. Those sort of tail calcification aren’t that unusual, it’s combining it with the streaking and fraying that isn’t great. Hugs. Here is a not great picture of Watson, you can see some of the tail weirdness here too, with a little bit of fraying on several fins. Like I said I’m going to be trying the same treatment that worked before, but can’t say definitively by symptoms or pathology why it keeps working and also why symptoms keep popping back up - if it was viral the antibiotics shouldn’t kick it. If it was parasitic it shouldn’t take so long between outbreaks, nor should it survive a tank nuke and quarantined treatments with no cross contamination among tank components. But if it is bacterial it’s not one I’m familiar with, either, but that would explain why it responds to antibiotics. Sigh. Confusion. Many conditions are easy to treat, this one has been an issue on and off for me for ages. It might even be different than the hexamita like condition I managed in my tank before, but the symptoms seem extremely similar. I wish I could offer better advice, but some diagnostic stuff is just tricky, and that may be what you are dealing with too. Especially if you haven’t had any new livestock in months, that makes it even harder to figure out a vector for however it got into the system. You can try the kanaplex, but it wouldn’t be the first thing I’d reach for. I’m sorry about that filter drama too! Filter failures and hose kinks were part of what sparked this in my tank too, slightly wonky chemistry causing stress.
  20. I’ve made symptoms abate before with metro and furan-2, which is why I’m not sure this is viral. I really can’t advise beyond that because like I said, it’s something we see on here occasionally and something I’ve seen in my own tanks but I’m not sure I have an answer for what it is. I nuked my system and treated all my fish and quarantined for months and it still came back so....?
  21. Honestly I’ve been having something similar in my own tank and am experimenting with treatments right now. It seemed to come about after a higher nitrate week and a prazi round, so stress seems to have precipitated whatever it is. If I can find time I wanted to take microscope scraping and verify it isn’t protozoan. Anyway, not a lot of recs from me right now, but I’d be surprised if the silver made a huge difference because it behaves more virally. Can’t hurt to try though, at least to clean up some of the bioload uh the system.
  22. Ha! Justine looks SO BIG! And that pizza looks delicious. Nothing new here, just super bush as per normal. Oh, and it started freezing at night 🥶
  23. Another possible treatment that seems to be able to arrest some tumor growth is acriflavine. You could try swabbing it on topically, which would be less stressful than waterborne. Otherwise I think we are probably out of luck except for hoping it continues very slow growth. Excising it surgically seems like way more risk and danger than it is worth, IMO.
  24. Yes and no. They can be kept cooler, but in my experience generally all fancies really do better at 74-78 degrees F. I’ve seen better behavior, less infections and decay of finnage, and more breeding behavior. Now some of that is the sped up metabolism that results from the warmer water; but for disease resistance at least I’ve personally had much better success with the close to tropical temperatures, including fancies born in the US.
  25. That is certainly an option. OP, you want to try what @koko suggests and see if there is any improvement?
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