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  1. I’m glad he is doing so much better! When it comes to filter maintenance I think taking a bucket of old tank water and smacking the filter floss against the side of the bucket monthly is good for cleaning out the excess mulm and junk. Just don’t use chlorinated tap water, you don’t want to negatively impact your bacteria population I’d probably move the temperature down to 75, that’s where I hold it, but goldfish are comfortable in a variety of temps. I wouldn’t revert to room temp just because I think that is maybe a little chilly for most fancies, they seem to thrive with it a bit warmer. Remember to do significant weekly water changes - 80-90% is great, and remember to keep buffering it if you are already. Otherwise it sounds like you’re on the road good health
  2. Gary is on Facebook, as well as goldfishkeepers
  3. Ugh I’m sorry, you did your very best! Especially with imports they sometimes have nasties that are viral, or parasites not easily treated, and the stress of shipping and transfer into a new environment just weakens them enough to take hold. If you do change your mind about ECR, I have had very good luck with Cynthia’s fish lately after losing almost all my stock to issues with those Chicago imports. Gary Hater is another breeder I am very fond of, but his aren’t ‘clean’ like Cynthia’s. If you are at the point of ever nuking the whole tank and starting over, I’d start over with hers.
  4. I was looking for that and didn’t see it! Thanks for finding the link 👍
  5. It’s more like a wet paste consistency you’re aiming for, with a blunt, curved tip syringe. The goal is to get it past their jaws so they stand a chance of digesting some. I’d make the slurry with the hex shield and some bloodworms.
  6. It depends on how weak the individual fish is, but I’d be okay letting him go 3/4 days with no food before trying to force feed him gently with a syringe of slurried, crushed pellets and a little water.
  7. His gills being red are good, the metro may need to go 21 days instead, we will have to play it by ear. Don’t worry about the pH - at this point to be gradual you’d just need to add your pH adjustment solution to less and less water. So if you were adjusting down to 7.6 or so just do that for eight gallons of water, then with the next day’s water change do it for 6 gallon, then 4, and eventually you won’t be adjusting at all. Generally speaking, with freshwater fish, you want to gradually change the water when acclimating - by quarters every hour or two if the pH is really disparate. I haven’t seen going slower be of any benefit except for particularly delicate fish from softer water, like discus.
  8. Agreed. Goldfish are delicate enough with shipping and normal care that it really makes the most sense to start with the healthiest stock you can rather than trying to nurse one back to health, especially with such a severe wound. The bulging is what has me concerned there is more underlying this than just a mechanical injury that didn’t heal well, and shipping could certainly exacerbate that. If it was an in person pickup there are thing you could try, but I really wouldn’t recommend spending the money and time on an animal that has a decently high likelihood of ongoing long term problems with his eye or jaw, in particular. Those are very tough to treat.
  9. Oooh, I know which breeder you are referring to. I got a fish from them at a local fish show and it had a fish louse, plus some mystery virus that took down a chunk of my tank. Sigh. Looked healthy too, but needed more vigorous and longer quarantine than what I did. Okay, good on the tap water. Unless it’s above 8.6 or so I wouldn’t personally adjust it, but did you ever check the hardness or if the pH was stable from day to day? I only ask because sometimes a high pH can still be volatile and swing quite a bit, which could be a stress factor. This fish might need more days of metro, and possibly some additional treatment. Could you use your nail to lift his gill plate under bright light and tell me what color they are? Light pink like salmon, red like raw steak, or more maroon/brown?
  10. Where did these fish come from? If they were from a ‘clean’ source like East Coast Ranchu I’d consider some issues with acclimation, but if they’re Chinese or Thai imports the shipping stress plus previously colonized pathogens make more sense. The black could actually be a good sign - if they were in dodgy water or has external parasites the injury sites are healing and it’s called melanophore migration. Are you seeing any heavy slime coat with this as well, or gasping? How much of the kanaplex and metroplex did this fish have? Same as the other? Have you begun the prazi again yet? I believe you mentioned you were using RO water, are you adding any minerals back into that? It’s absolutely terrible for the osmotic balance or freshwater fish if it isn’t being augmented at all, and most tap water is much safer for them with just a little dechlorination treatment. If you’re adding in a mineral supplement and buffering it you may be okay, though. Otherwise definitely transition to two water, 25% at a time each water change until you’re at 100%
  11. I’m sorry, shipping stress can make this tough, as can the fish acclimating to your new water. Sometimes a pathogen takes hold and there isn’t much for it. Definitely do a prazi round on any remaining fish, you want 3-ish total. And I wish you the best with the remaining stock!
  12. Do more prazi rounds, it won’t interact with the metro and kanamycin. But some of the behavior you’re describing sounds more fluke related, so this would be good to cover your bases. You can either add in prazi with your metronidazole each day, or switch to API General Cure, which has both prazi and metro in it already. If this doesn’t help I’m afraid there isn’t much more we can do with the existing symptoms. Please feel free to show me any additional pictures or videos of his behavior, and if eating doesn’t improve in a few days we may need to syringe feed him a slurry to keep his energy up
  13. Hmmm. Definitely try frozen bloodworms soaked in a little garlic juice. Also, remind me, you said you did some prazi rounds recently, yes?
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