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  1. Eggs everywhere! Frisky fish indeed.
  2. They’re gorgeous fish! Your tank looks so much more lively now. I’m sorry it’s been a rough month but new fish always make it better 🙌
  3. Mocha and Willow checking each other out!
  4. That is seriously fun! I love how it turned out. As for me, found a new bunny friend for my Mocha, after three other bunnies swiped left on him 😂 Meet Willow! She made that mess in her clean, new cage in like ten minutes 😆 Now we undertake the gradual process on bonding these two. They’re houses side by side to get used to one another’s movements and smells, and the initial bonding date went very well. But still, rabbits are territorial and though they make life bonds the process begins slowly and carefully. But then they’ll be inseparable 🙌
  5. Only one of my current juvies have changed color - and they were born in April or the beginning of May if I recall. It’s highly dependent on genetics, but anywhere from 3-9 months seems normal for retaining fry color.
  6. It could honestly be either of those factors with the tank . I’d suspect illness but his improvement in your shallower tank makes that less likely. Nitrate sensitivity could also be the culprit. Some more delicate fish really do best in the 5-10 ppm range, so consider servicing your filter and clearing out the mulm, then see if he responds better.
  7. I love your drawings, Mandy! Those stickers looks great.
  8. Air bubbles in poop aren’t automatically a bad thing, but it’s not ideal. However if you feed at the surface instead of with sinking food it can happen. Please fill out the form Koko provided and include some high quality images, we are happy to help
  9. You’re up to your ears in fry!
  10. Agree we need closer photos of those spots, and the lack of quarantine time makes anchor worm a distinct possibility. Their life’s cycle varies wildly based on temperature, but inside of a month is completely possible if the tanks aren’t running above 80 degrees. I’d say that’s showing some trace nitrate, but it’s definitely low. And you shook the snot out of both bottle 2 AND the tube, right? 30 second shake on the bottle and then a minute of shaking/inverting on the tube?
  11. Oof I’m sorry the alternators are giving you trouble, that’s an annoying thing to keep fixing. Keep the tank dark, at least a full week. You may even need to cover it with a sheet if the room is bright. If it went from cloudy to green you definitely have an imbalance in the biochemistry of the tank and it needs time to correct, with low light and nutrients. It will get there, but it may take a few weeks to fully settle again.
  12. Hello there! Let’s see if we can help Did you quarantine the new fish before adding? Any other fish showing symptoms? Can you redo your nitrate tests and make sure you shake the snot out of them? In a cycled tank there should be some nitrates showing - can you try again?
  13. We went to the botanical gardens today with friends and it was so fun! I didn’t think to get any pictures though. But butterflies EVERYWHERE, and they have a kids play area that is all enclosed and has a splash pad, sound garden, sand tables, a marsh, and about a dozen different garden areas meandering through the path. It’s like MAGIC! Here is a link: https://www.metroparks.org/discovery-garden/ Anyone coming to Dayton with kids should absolutely check it out.
  14. Thanks everyone! I’m excited. also, driving is overrated. I like the freedom but wish I lived centrally enough I didn’t have to do it quite as often.
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