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  1. Shrimp and Star

    You are a great fish groomer, MJ. They look fantastic, and I think the shape is really coming along on Star, too!
  2. New Goldies w/ Problems

    The stringy poop could just be a stress response, secondary to issues with flukes, water quality, or even just a reaction to treatment. Some goldfish pout and bottom sit quite a lot with salt and prazi, but the flashing is concerning. Continue with prazipro but no salt, just the prazi, okay? Once you have done several prazi rounds (it sounds like you have already concluded two or three, correct?) it would be worth it to step the salt back up to .3 or even .5% to deal with ectoparasites, which would seem the most obvious culprit for flashing. If the flashing continues past two weeks or other behavior emerges we should try some heavier duty anti parasite treatments, but right now I’d just like to try salt and keep watching their eating and poop it that’s okay with the other helpers on here?
  3. Goldfish sore on his back

    I’m glad the pump is helping!
  4. Goldfish Missing Eye

    Yup, that’s happened to me as well. The expired tests will definitely affect the outcome.
  5. Black Moor cut his eye off

    It sounds like it might just be too much for his body to heal from. Whenever they become bent in a c shape it’s bad news I’m sorry about your fish but euthanizing may be the most humane option at this point.
  6. Huh. Have you tried mixing it with a little rubbing alcohol to see if that dissolves it before mixing the solution into water? Castile soap is another popular emulsifier for some of the more difficult powders. We are talking just drops though, like a half teaspoon of alcohol or 1/4 teaspoon of Castile soap plus the meds plus about a quarter cup of water, then the whole solution mixed into a ten gallon tank volume.
  7. Fish Bottom Sitting Since Last Night :(

    Looking at the history, start simple. Can you do two rounds of prazi (four days on, three days off) and try switching the diet to just southern delight and peas for the duration? Let’s elimjnage constipation and flukes and potential problems, okay?
  8. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    Interesting! They did that with Metroplex but Kanaplex used to be dosed per ten gallons. Okay, two scoops then, as you’re using ten gallon quarantine water volume, correct? And redose daily, since you’re doing 100% daily water changes.
  9. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    Hmmm.... that doesn’t sound right. Can you take a picture of your kanamycin directions so I can verify? They may have changed formulations or strengths from what I’m familiar with.
  10. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    Nope, just leave be plants in with the meth blue Keep the filters running too, but lights off. The UV light breaks down the dye molecule faster.
  11. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    The nematodes are not a bad sign, just a lot of organics and mulm, but not an inherently unhealthy tank. I think we do need to go barebottom for awhile though. No substrate or just a small handful, maybe 1/4 cup of gravel, to give him something to nose around in. That, plus making sure any uneaten food is siphoned out, should help keep the bacterial load in the tank lower. I’m not convinced we need to nuke the tank yet, but while he is out of it please run the meth blue in the main tank, as it is antibacterial. It WILL knock back your biological filtration a bit, so once he goes back in you will have to test more frequently and do a water change as soon as the ammonia crosses the .25 ppm threshold, or if you show ANY nitrites at all. But as long as he is in quarantine getting treatment keep the lights off in the main tank, remove all substrate and vacuum WELL, put just a small bit back, and then run meth blue in it until he comes back in. You won’t need to do a water change to remove it until his treatment is done, but dose fresh meth blue every four days as it does exhaust and become less effective with time. This is an intermediate level tank nuke, but not a full takedown. If this doesn’t work, especially after a full treatment course with the Kanaplex and furan, it’s time to toss your media, sterilize the entire tank and equipment, and start from scratch.
  12. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    I’m sorry am I confusing my threads? Did you not order Furan-2 from API? That comes in little packets and one goes in a ten gallon water volume. So you’d do one scoop of Kanaplex and one packet of Furan-2 every day, and a 100% water change, every day for fourteen days. Discontinue any Epsom or meth blue. Even if the symptoms have subsided we need to do a full treatment at this point, as they have already reoccurred once. And then not only clean the tank but potentially toss the media and start fresh again if you cannot figure out where in the cycle you were getting bacterial bloom issues.
  13. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    You’re going to run it fourteen days with the kana. Add a dose packet each time you change the water and keep the lights off
  14. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    That sucks! I’m sorry But if the Kanaplex came we can go ahead and use that and just continue the meth blue with it. I dose the Kanaplex as a scoop per ten gallons, and change the water daily, so redose both meds with each water change. If you’re adding in Epsom that would be the time to add it as well. You’re going to continue the Kanaplex for fourteen days, and you should see some improvement by day five or so.
  15. Black Moor cut his eye off

    I’m so sorry, that stinks when it happens. The best you can do is make sure your filter is WELL attached. A few rubber bands around the intake or some waterproof/marine tape around the connection can help. In terms of healing, keep his stress low and move him into a quarantine with impeccably clean water and .3% salt. Instructions here: https://www.kokosgoldfish.com/UsingSalt.html I’d recommend just using an air stone/bubbler in the quarantine, no filter. Change 100% of the water and salt daily, to keep it as clean as possible. Don’t feed anything else today but tomorrow you can try a SMALL amount of food. Like, one mouthful for the fish. We want to keep energy up, but feeding can cause stress too, and foul the water. Clean, warm, dark, and as low stress as possible will allow him to heal, if he is going to. There is not much more you can do. It’s very individual whether a fish bounces back from a wound like this.