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  1. Back in the hospital again for some weird redness and swelling in my ankles. Sigh.
  2. Oof. That’s not a great sign with the petechia and I can see the bloody spot much better. This fish either got the snot bashed out of it in shipping or it had other underlying infections percolating and shipping just made the physical condition worse. Helen should be able to help more with whether treatment is advised but pearlies tend to not bounce back well, and a replacement fish may be a better choice.
  3. They’re at home, my husband had to drive me to the hospital. Fortunately we have some family who came into town this afternoon for an unrelated visit so they can help a bit. I’m stuck here overnight and into the morning now, but we don’t know how much longer after then. To be decided by the specialists, apparently.
  4. Yeah, it’s just a tough pregnancy. But my protein isn’t over the line for pre eclampsia yet and that’s good news, plus he is moving around and doing well. We are just trying to control my symptoms at this point.
  5. Ugh koko that stinks! The cold made the rounds here the last two weeks from the preschool, too. It’s going around and the strain is a long and aggressive one. Stay healthy!
  6. Sitting in labor and delivery still, blood pressures were 188/108 until just now, they gave me IV meds and it dropped in minutes. Wow! Now I’m just super dizzy 😵
  7. If she can help that’s would be great! I haven’t had a pearscale in forever and now I’m actually in labor and delivery for drama with blood pressure and such, so while I’m here I’m not really ‘here’ to help, there’s a lot going on.
  8. I’m having a hard time telling what is just knocked off scales on a button eye and what is the problem spot, I’ve had very red buttons and that tends to be normal. can you turn him over in your hand and photograph the underside of his belly and gills under very bright light?
  9. Love the new babies video! Things are stressful and crazy here but doing okay. Little boy still looks good and no further complications beyond gestational hypertension at the moment. Also, coming up with a hairbrained idea for making our dining room light fixture, which may or may not turn out awesome? I’ll show you when we are done 😆
  10. Swim free, Googles. You did right by him for many, many years. Big hugs
  11. Honestly I don’t weigh or measure, I watch them carefully. Measuring is more important for surgery than euthanizing. I usually start with 1/2 teaspoon clove oil in a gallon of water and swirl it around. I add the animal and wait until they go still and their breathing looks a bit slowed down. Then I add another 1/2 teaspoon of the clove oil and wait until I see no movement at all, about five more minutes. I’d they’re still moving after 5 minutes in the little clove oil water bucket I add another 1/2 teaspoon, and continue in that fashion until I see zero movement. Then I leave them for half an hour to make sure all brain function has ceased. Oftentimies when they’re not moving their gills they are still ‘there’, just numb and with depressed respiration, so time is what helps them pass after that point. It’s very gentle but takes a little time. I’m sorry, I know it’s so hard to talk about when it’s a beloved friend Sometimes it’s the best choice though, especially if they’re not doing well and you don’t have the energy or ability to help alleviate it beyond What you’ve already done.
  12. Here is the thread and video, most of her vids live under the ‘Treatments’ sub forum of this disease forum
  13. I keep the tank at the .3% level the entire quarantine time if they’re tolerating it well. Should be 4-ish weeks at a minimum for the quarantine, but you can stop the salt after two weeks if you’ve warmed the water up. The warmer water shortens the life cycle of any parasites, so keeping it in the 78-82 degree range with really good circulation and surface area is ideal.
  14. Well I’d have euthanized him years ago, you’ve given him a great life even with his various disabilities, and it’s really your call. But if you cannot manage treatment and he looks worse then I’d say euthanizing is probably better at this point, since dropsy has set in and that is painful for the animal. Nobody can make that choice for you, though. Let me know if you need tablet dosages, otherwise I will leave this here. Hugs and best wishes!
  15. Yes, you want both since we don’t know precisely what is going on - one gram positive and antiparasitic and one gram negative, and broader spectrum.
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