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  1. Did you message Myra like I mentioned above? She is the only one I know close to you. Otherwise if you’re willing to ship there are other members here who could help you
  2. Just feed it to them a few flakes at a time. Little tiny mouthfuls, so none gets wasted. A couples times in a row should get decent quantities in them as they learn.
  3. Just redose when you water change, you don’t need to add it more frequently than that if I recall.
  4. I’d probably run it for a week or so; make sure you vacuum well in the middle and dose again to catch any new hatchlings too, if this is indeed what you are dealing with. And like prazi, I like to give a week or two off and run one more time.
  5. What strength is your dimilin? Is it 1/4 tsp per hundred gallons? The dosage matters to the math and yours might not be the same as mine, but yes, the general idea is that you measure it into a water volume you can then use a portion of, if the amount for your whole tank is too small to get an accurate measurement. And dimilin is very forgiving too, as a med. not easy to overdose.
  6. Sounds good As long as they’re eating it should work.
  7. No, no meds will help. If it is going to grow back it is time, months and months sometimes. And if it is a defect she was born with it won’t ever get better. Really though it’s just cosmetic at this point and I wouldn’t worry about it at all
  8. https://angelsplus.com/collections/fish-flake-food/products/fish-antibiotics This is one I’ve really liked, but read the instructions carefully, medicated food isn’t fed like normal food
  9. It’s really your call. I don’t think it would hurt, but I also can’t say with confidence it would help at this point, and I don’t like using needless antibiotics since that contributes to resistant strains. However if there is one more treatment that could assist this would be it.
  10. A little visible veining is okay, but when they look bloody or bright pink that’s the worrying sign if they’re not getting better beyond this point it’s really your call. The listless side laying isn’t a good sign, so if you don’t see that go away you don’t have a lot to lose You can give it more time to observe; too. That’s always an option.
  11. Yeah those are ammonia burns and shredded/injured fins from the water quality issues. If the filter is fixed just keep an eye on the water parameters with your test kit; as long as it stays clean (no ammonia or nitrite, nitrate below 20 ppms) he should heal just fine
  12. Awe he’s so cute! I hope you find a great home for him.
  13. If I haven’t managed to explain this clearly enough in a dozen posts and our personalities aren’t meshing, it is better for everyone for me to step back. @FishyMandy, @shakaho, @Fish Of Gold, there are plenty of members who can speak to cycling, and dozens of threads on the topic. Please feel free to peruse the site and glean what you can. In the end it comes down to testing, water changes, and time.
  14. So if the dimilin is for, say, 100 gallons, I’d dilute it into a five gallon bucket and then scoop out water for 20 gallons at a time (which would be one gallon of treated water, 1/5 the whole bucket amount right?). You can dilute it into 1 cup of water the same way. 100 gallons of dimilin in concentration (with my dimilin that’s like 1/4 teaspoon), and scoop out 1/4 cup of the mixture per 25 gallons of tank water to treat. It’s super easy.
  15. The stringy poop could be stress, it’s tough to say. His tail looks okay to my eye, some residual redness but not terribly inflamed. Would you like to try metronidazole with him? Two weeks of either a medicated flake or some in the water in a hospital tank would be the next thing I’d recommend, with the caveat it’s a 50/50 toss up as to whether it would work. Metro is nice because it’s fairly broad spectrum and affects parasites too, so it gives us a good coverage of things the Maracyn might not have affected
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