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  1. First name that popped into my head was Peanut.
  2. Thank you everyone! I am glad you approve.
  3. I will be doing that once I buy a new lid. Right now the light isn't totally protected from the water and I don't want the bulb to get wet.
  4. So, after having two kids and moving states I am finally able to get back into keeping fish! First it was just my 10 gallon planted Betta tank and now I have a 38 gallon setup with some live plants and my new little baby goldfish I just got a few days ago. I know my tank should only hold two goldfish long term but, as what seems to happen to most of us, I got one more. lol They are tiny little things and not only do I have a filter that is made for a larger tank but I also plan on getting a 55 gallon tank as soon as we buy our house. No names yet, I ended up getting two Pearlscales and one Telescope.
  5. I would remove the gravel and anything else. Then, I would clean, disinfect and dry everything completely before starting your own set up. That was the plan. I have already been cleaning the parts and glass. Now I just need to scoop out all the little gravel bits.
  6. She drained it before I picked it up but there was still a couple of inches of water with the gravel.
  7. I have been reading up on the different types and narrowed it down to Oranda, Pearlscale, and Bubble Eye. Not all together of course, I just hope my two will end up being one of these types.
  8. I will remember that when I go to the petstore. I have had a few different types before and am actually most in love with bubble eye goldfish. I want to look at the other types but I would not be surprised if I go home with them, once I see them it is hard to walk away. lol
  9. Are pearlscales really that hard to care for? I was thinking about getting some.
  10. Thanks! I knew there had to be a thread with this information but I just couldn't seem to find it. lol
  11. So I recently got a tank from a friend and would like to get back into keeping fancy goldfish (not sure what type I want though). I was hoping I could put at least two in there comfortably. It is a 38 gallon, normal fish tank shape. It has a Aqueon 75 filter and two bubblers (one of those long suction cup tube ones and a normal little one). It also has a few live plants in it though not familiar with plant names. It also has a good amount of gravel but I was thinking I could go bare bottom to add more water volume. Any advice would be welcomed.
  12. I feel so bad for these fish but even if I had the room who would pay over $100?
  13. So I just found this ad on my local CL, just after reading another ad about someone rehoming 2 rats and a mouse living TOGETHER in the same cage. Now I come across this... http://spokane.craigslist.org/pet/3107428716.html So sad...
  14. So Cashew finally is living in the 30g. He will not leave the other goldfish alone. He seems so happy to have a friend. At first he swam up to Pine Needle and looked at him like he just realized he was not the only goldfish in the world, now he gives kisses to the other goldfish. lol Here are some pictures! (In the pictures there is another goldfish, that is my mom's, I am holding him while she finds a new house) They thought I was feeding them so they were a little difficult to photograph. lol
  15. lol I clean my tanks tuesdays and fridays.
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