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  1. There is a young kid that works at a Petsmart about 85 miles from here. I stop in there when I visit my Dad. (I call him a kid, but he is prob. early 20's lol) Anyhow, he really seems to know what he is talking about. I bragged on him to the manager once and he said he was the best thing to have happend to the store and that he had kept fish since he was a kid. I am not saying he is perfect, I do not know that, but he is the best one I have come across so far.
  2. Surely if he mentioned you might use them they must be of some good, I need to investigate this...lol
  3. Great article. I wonder how beneficial grass is? I mean I use no chemicals in my yard, I could throw them a handful of grass every now and then as a treat maybe.
  4. I use these in my pond filter along with the scrub pads. I use the scrub pads in filters in the house too. I do soak mine for a few days after rinsing them really good. I change the water on the soaking daily. I have had good results using both, the scrub pads are great filter media, they are dense and catch waste and also hold in bacteria well.
  5. He emailed me back that he lowered the price, so maybe I could save him. The price is now 199.00
  6. I hit the ask a question button and asked him why he would pull something out of the wild and try to make a profit on it. I told him he was killing it. I will post if he responds.
  7. Lol. probably because when I see that little sad face it makes me want to pluck her out of there and hug and smooch her. She needs cuddles.... haha
  8. Ha, my hubby is always encouraging mine to eat and grow. He tells them he has "plans" for them....
  9. Thank you, for some reason she looks all sad in both of these. lol I was just happy she was still enough for me to take them. She is usually on the move.
  10. Thanks everyone. It is great to have feedback from people who know something about fish. lol. I know she was so cute in the tank at the fish store that I couldn't resist even though at the time I really didn't have room. She has a couple of disabilities when I fist got her she couldn't swim well because of deformed fins and tail. but as she grew she got better at it. I have never seen a fish with so much personality, she is always doing crazy things when she is swimming, she does flips, and spirals, it looks like she is just doing it for fun. She gets in the bubbles from the airstone and rides them to the top. She will do this over and over again. Lately she has gotten to where she will spit water at you. I have never seen anything like her.
  11. That is a horror story. But how many a day are purchased to go in an old coffee pot or vase or whatever. Why don't pet stores post something about keeping goldfish properly?
  12. Aw.. another little clearance Lion Head. My Leon was a Petsmart clearance lionhead. Very adorable. I love the way her face is marked. Peaches hit me when I saw her.
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