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  1. Living life on...

    1. DawnMichele


      Make the best of it!!!!  :D

  2. It's been a long while!

    Hello guys, I'm happy to see all is doing well on the forum. It makes me crazy to believe that I have been here for the last 7 years! It all started when I was a 16 year old sophomore in high school when I got back into goldfish keeping, I remember I uploaded a YouTube video and Tithra helped me out alot and I've made such progression in experience in goldfish keeping. Needless to say, I am a 23 year old adult now. I just graduated college and working on towards going into a career I've been deeply passionate about since 2013. And man, those posts that I've made in the past, I am astonished in the way I've typed and posts forums back then. I still have four goldfish I am still happily taking care of, and I've settled down in North Carolina after moving from Illinois two years ago. Life has progressed to me to such an extent. Again, I am glad you guys are doing great and this forum is much and alive. I hope some of you guys still remember me from back in the day. Warm regards!
  3. UV Sterlizer trying to find

    Probably just inside the aquarium. I got a fluval fx6 if that helps.
  4. Hello guys! It's been a while since I have been on here! I am currently trying to find a superb UV sterilizer out there for my 60 gal, I aiming to find a UV that would be able to kill/destroy any harmful micro organism ranging from harmful bacteria, viruses, or any waterborne pathogens that can cause harm or damage to my goldfish. I will welcome any responses than boil down to a conclusion on which great quality UV I should get. Warm regards.
  5. My goldie has finally passed on this morning. Thank you all for your support. You guys did your very best to help me and so did I.
  6. 100% true. There are no such thing as a perfect goldfish keeper. Things just unexpectedly went around strangely. I still want to tremendously thank you and everyone who did whatever they can to help assist me throughout this intense situation. I did everything precisely the people here that instructed me on the attempt to save my goldfish.
  7. Ugh, euthanizing him is a very tough thing for me to do. Yes, I've already expected this result to happen since very few goldies do survive from dropsy and dropsy has a high mortality rate. Yeah I already have tried metronidazole and still continuing the second dosing schedule you had adviced and I'm on my second week. This topic was started just right after I noticed my goldfish having dropsy which was early this March and yet no changes have been observed and he just seems to get worse. I have to assume thats there is obviously SOMETHING wrong with my tank since I moved here. I am guessing during the move, negative bacteria was allowed to multiply and form in my tank (not visible). Is there a way I can disinfect it. I've tried my very best with my beloved goldie. It sucks so much that I raised him in 2012 from the size of a small quarter to a huge fat healthy goldfish with no history of prior diseases, illnesses, or symptoms. This is probably the SECOND loss of my goldfish since I moved here, I'm talking about my two goldies that I raised and lived a long healthy life like the first one from 2011 (that passed in Feb if you've seen my previous posts) and this one (I bought him in March of 2013). Aagain what I stated before about the possible bacteria in my tank I have to disinfect it. I really still want it to give it another try since I'm not finished with the dosing schedule :\
  8. Hello guys! its been a while since I'm still following the dosing schedule. He almost died last night, he was on his side and seriously I thought he was done for..... I found out this morning that he survived. His barely been eating and has refuse finishing the entire batch of food i fed him. Unfortunately the pine coning still looks the same. Anything else I can do? I know dropsy is an particularly nearly impossible symptom to recover from and few aquarists out had only had their goldfish recover from dropsy. Luckily his still very much alive
  9. Dosage added. Wish me luck
  10. I forgot to mention that I purchased it on amazon, not from a local store so no dosage added yet
  11. Just purchased Metroplex! Hope this will help my Goldie
  12. One question do you know where I can get Metronidazole. And Triple Sulfa are you refering to API Triple Sulfa?
  13. Thanks for the advice! I'll continue to update!
  14. Any suggestion guys?
  15. When i was gone from the 19-26 he wasn't on any meds or epsom. He was on Maracyn 2 and Epsom schedule (listed in the first post of the topic) the entire week before i traveled. Look the posts before.