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  1. Hi Koko, Thanks for replying, yes it was quite frustrating, arm fully submerged in the water and not being able to catch a tiny worm! I've found and purchased the acriflavine online just now, thanks
  2. Hi, Sorry to have frustrated you all, I have struggled to get focused photos on the parasites and I haven't been able to post over the weekend. Sorry also I forgot to acknowledge about the acriflavine, I have not got any, but will attempt to purchase if necessary. Since then I have slowly added salt up to a concentration of a gram per litre, (350). The sores on the fish have now eased down to the point where I nearly can not see them. Yes they were parasites of some kind, I have removed a parasite from each fish, they were extremely delicate and broke when pulled with tweezers. The second one was embedded in the white fungus and when I pulled it out it came away with the fungus attached. I had a good look at it and it looked similar to the images I found on Google of an anchor worm. Again, my attempts at a photo were awful. After a water change, I noticed one of these 'worms' on the back wall of the tank, I tried to get it with tweezers but it chopped it in half, leading to the halves wriggling into balls and getting sucked up the filter. Again apologies for frustrating, all help and time is appreciated. The salt appears to have helped the fish and the wounds appear to be well healed, should I still try and buy some acriflavine? Thanks again!
  3. Hi, Upon looking today, I noticed one of the parasites sticking out of the other of the two fish, I have just pulled it out, could it be anchor worm? It is visible sticking out of the attached picture? Small white parasite like an eyelash, with a 'head' at one end, any more help would be really appreciated? Thanks
  4. I've got some fluke solve, which is wormer as well as fluke treatment, should I try that?
  5. Hi, I found it hard to get a decent picture unfortunately, but I definitely pulled something like a white parasite out of the first one with tweezers, the lumps are both very soft with cotton wool like growth on them?
  6. In fact, in the second image the small parasite is sticking out
  7. Hi, Thanks for replying! I managed to get one out, it was fairly well stuck, a small worm type parasite the width of a hair, thinking maybe anchor worm or flukes?? There wasn't really anything to get from the other fish, just before I caught the last one it flashed in the tank and some of the fuzzy white that was in the centre fell off. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, I've just caught one of the fish, on closer inspection theres what looks like a little white stick coming out of the white sore? I'm assuming this is a parasite, should I remove the stick?
  9. Hi, I haven't posted in a while sorry, I recently purchased two new ryukin a month ago, both were doing fine, however, I've just found a worrying area on each of them. Both have a red sore with what appears to be either a white blister or fungus in the centre. Both fish have identical symptoms, with one sore each at the base of the inside of their tail. Does anyone know what this is? Should I look to remove the white 'stuff'? I would really appreciate some help please. Thanks
  10. Hi, just an update, I've treated for flukes, used salt treatment on them, created a skimmer for the biofilm. But one is still gulping, and gets floaty after eating soaked pellets, they're fine after frozen bloodworm and Daphnia!! Any ideas please?
  11. So far, so good, both fish have stopped being floaty and are gulping much less!
  12. Sorry, one more question, how long do I leave the treatment in the tank?
  13. Hi, when Prazi-ing do I have to turn my filters off? Apparently it kills off the beneficial bacteria too?
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